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Types of Treatment

  1. Detox

    Detoxing from drugs or alcohol on your own can be very dangerous. A medically supervised detox will make the process not only safer, but more comfortable and increase your odds for recovery.

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  2. Inpatient Rehab

    Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab offers a residential setting where patients live at the treatment center while receiving specialized, around-the-clock care and guidance.

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  3. Outpatient Rehab

    Outpatient drug or alcohol rehab allows patients to continue living at home while still being able to receive treatment and support multiple days per week.

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More Treatment Options

When creating a treatment plan for a drug or alcohol addiction, it is not a one size fits all approach. During treatment, professionals will create a custom plan based on the individual's needs.

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Addiction Center works with treatment professionals to provide information both written and reviewed by experts. These professionals have dedicated their lives to helping people in recovery and are here to give the latest and most thorough information all in one place.

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Photo of Dayna Smith-Slade, MAC

Dayna Smith-Slade, MAC

Certified Addictions Counselor

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Photo of Amber Biello-Taylor, CAP, LCSW

Amber Biello-Taylor, CAP, LCSW

Certified Addiction Professional

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Photo of Travis Pantiel, LMHC, MCAP

Travis Pantiel, LMHC, MCAP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories

These stories reflect the strength and determination of individuals who have overcome the grip of addiction and embraced a life of recovery. Their experiences offer inspiration, support, and encouragement to those still fighting their battles.

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Sobriety And The Holiday Season The holiday season is often represented as a magical, joy-filled time where “dreams may come true.” However, in my experience as a practicing psychotherapist working within the behavioral health field, the reality is far more aligned with a stressful and challenging experience, especially for those who are experiencing behavioral health …

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