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Melrose Recovery

At Melrose Recovery, our mission is all about changing lives. Located just minutes from Hollywood and the fantastic beaches of Santa Monica and Venice we offer detox and inpatient treatment programs that help people get back on their feet. Our dedicated team of trained addiction professionals and counselors provide individualized addiction treatment programs for recovery.

Everyone discovers recovery in different ways, which is why it is vital to offer a variety of programs that work. We offer several trusted treatment programs that can help guide individuals toward recovery.

  • Addiction Detox Center
  • Residential Addiction Treatment
  • Addiction Aftercare Program

In addition to these programs, we also have addiction therapy services to help clients understand the root causes of their addictions.

Examples of therapy treatment program options include:

  • Psychotherapy in one-on-one sessions that creates a safe environment for digging deep and uncovering dysfunction
  • Group therapy, which invites peer education, joint learning, and positive feedback
  • Family therapy to help residents deal with negative patterns in close relationships and familial circumstances
  • Young adult treatment programs that focus intently on the needs of a demographic that most other facilities ignore
  • 12 Step program availability, which encourages positive peer engagement, self-esteem building, and relapse prevention
  • Aftercare planning, which works with your circumstances to provide you the best possible outcome and continuation of care

Through these therapies clients can gain a better understanding of a possible dual diagnosis to better learn how they can find lasting recovery and sobriety. This combination of an ideal location and comprehensive programs makes Melrose Recovery a premier addiction treatment center on the west coast!