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    Oceanside Malibu’s primary goal in recovery is developing individual treatment plans for each client. We keep our staff-to-client ratios among the smallest in the industry to better allow our dedicated professionals more time to focus on providing as much one-on-one time as possible, while maintaining a daily group therapy schedule. Our Oceanfront Facility is located on a private beach in Malibu, California, with several other facilities located throughout the Malibu and Los Angeles area. Private and semi-private rooms are available with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from one of our many decks.

    At Oceanside Malibu, our staff are always on-hand to care for the health and comfortability of each client. We offer an intimate setting within a large facility, and only accept six clients at a time. Our clients will learn that freedom from addiction is enjoyable and we believe that a balance of therapy and fun enjoyable activities is essential to long term sobriety. In addition to our highly-trained clinical staff, our residential facility is staffed by a private chef.

    Clients need not worry about adhering to a complicated daily schedule of activities, but will rediscover ways to relax, have fun, and achieve a degree of serenity –– with the help of a Sober Coach, if necessary. Sober Coaching provides support in helping a client create life skills (such as stress management and handling triggers) that were abandoned or never learned in the first place.

    Oceanside Malibu maintains a staff of Master Level Therapists and offers many types of therapy depending on each client’s needs and level of care necessary. Treatment may including but is not limited to:

    • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    • Mind Body Bridging (MBB)
    • Psychodrama
    • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
    • Shame Resiliency & Self-Compassion
    • EMDR: group and individually

    Clients work with their coaches to set daily or weekly individualized goals to fit their strengths and challenges based on where they are in their lives. Feelings of helplessness are stripped away as clients become empowered through therapy that enhances self-esteem and confidence. A Sober Coach may work with clients at all levels of recovery, be it in transitional or sober living, residential or outpatient venues.
    At Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center, we strongly believe in treating addiction and feelings of depression or guilt it may bring with joyful experiences. It is very important to learn to have fun in sobriety, therefore we schedule various outings and offer activities like fishing, surfing, kayaking, yoga, or simply a walk on the beach. By offering many different activities, each client can develop new interests and coping strategies.

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