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    Why Restore Health and Wellness is a Trusted Provider with Addiction Center

    The Restore community is a supportive healing environment for you to work through the physical, mental, and emotional issues that may have contributed to, or resulted from, your use of addictive substances. Adults who are new to recovery need to feel a sense of belonging as they transition away from their old life. Restore Treatment Center is one of the most invigorating adult recovery communities offering a full continuum of care in Southern California. Our specialized rehabilitation programs at Restore Drug Treatment LA are designed to meet the explicit requirements and challenges of adults looking to obtain a new life of sobriety.

    We strive to deliver premium, successful care to our residents during their stay with us, and long after they have completed treatment. At Restore Treatment Center, we work diligently to provide each and every member of our community with a prosperous future.

    Caring Staff

    Restore features a multidisciplinary team of certified addiction treatment professionals, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, interventionists, and coaches that staff our world-class treatment centers and living quarters. Our goal is to help those struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders achieve lasting recovery. We like to say our job is removing any barrier that is in the way of clients getting better!

    Restore Health & Wellness Center is a fully accredited addiction treatment facility.

    When looking for a drug and alcohol treatment facility, one should know the importance of finding an accredited substance abuse rehab. Non-accredited rehabilitation centers often lack proven effective treatment programs and have deficiencies which make them unsuitable to provide recovery assistance for a complex disease such as addiction. Rehabilitation centers and addiction recovery services which carry an accreditation are monitored and evaluated by outside authorities to guarantee patients are in the best hands. In order for a health care provider to be awarded accreditation, they must prove their programs are safe and effective, in addition to providing proof of their commitment to continuously refining their services.

    The Joint Commission accreditation can be earned by healthcare providers such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, behavioral health treatment facilities, and counseling centers. Addiction services which are accredited by the Joint Commission are evaluated and monitored to ensure the delivery of safe, effective, quality care.

    Our Mission

    At Restore Health and Wellness Center we give hope to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our mission is to provide our patients with the support and tools they need to thrive in their recovery.

    What we Treat

    • Alcoholism
    • Drug Addiction
    • Co-occurring Disorders
    • Prescription Drug Addiction
    • Sedative Addiction
    • Opioid Addiction
    • Stimulant Addiction
    • Heroin Addiction
    • Synthetic Drug Addiction
    • Behavioral Addiction

    Restore Treatment Center takes a comprehensive, individualized approach to treatment and incorporates the following services into each of our rehabilitative levels of care:

    • Monitored withdrawal support
    • Diagnostic evaluations and assessments
    • Psycho-educational groups
    • Case management
    • Counseling
    • Traditional therapy programs
    • Alternative therapy programs
    • Gender-specific groups
    • Dual diagnosis treatment
    • Referral services

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