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Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health

At Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health, our alcohol and drug treatment programs are built on our commitment to providing patient-centered care with compassion and support. Our clinician-led, patient-centered treatment model was founded based on therapeutic principles and a commitment to providing top-quality healthcare to people working to overcome addiction and live happier, healthier lives. We committed to building our inpatient treatment after serving our Palm Beach Gardens community for more than three years as an outpatient provider of psychological and psychiatric services.

It is critical to go through detox in a safe, controlled environment, such as our medically managed detox center. We strive to make the detox process as safe and comfortable as possible. We know that fear of withdrawal can be huge factor for our patients. We want every patient to know we will do everything we can to make their stay pleasant.
Once the patient finishes the detox process; they can move into our residential addiction treatment center, our clinicians will design an individualized treatment plan that will help the patient address their challenges and identify potential triggers.

While our patients are at our treatment program, they’ll learn skills to address life’s stresses and challenges. They’ll have continual support and compassion from our team and other patients, which allows them to make long-lasting steps to recovery. Our residential treatment center offers a range of beneficial aspects that make our treatment program unique, such as:

  • A team of clinicians and medical staff experienced in treating substance use disorders and mental health concerns
  • Board-certified medical experts
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • 24/7 nursing
  • An evidence based clinical schedule
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders

We are committed to hiring the most talented leadership in Florida. Our team is truly passionate about helping people work through the issues holding them back, whether patients are dealing with a major life event or a troublesome thought pattern. Our staff exhibit clinical competence, warmth, and honesty in every interaction. The individuals on our staff are truly invested in helping patients achieve their goals and become the people they want to be. We work to celebrate the individual qualities of a person that make them who they are. Our staff at Remedy Therapy Behavioral Health embraces a collaborative approach for each patient and their therapist. We understand that different things work for different people, and our constantly evolving practices offer freedom, flexibility, and authenticity.