About The Grove Recovery Community

Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, The Grove Recovery Community offers compassionate clinical care while focusing on relapse prevention and promoting health. With a multidisciplinary staff, this center blends medical services with complementary approaches to recovery. While a wide range of substance use disorders (SUD) can be treated at The Grove Recovery Community, the center specifically addresses addictions to opiate drugs such as Heroin, Oxycontin, and Vicodin. The use of these substances can cause relentlessly progressive addictions with high mortality rates.

Science Based And Individualized Care

In all aspects of care, The Grove Recovery Community combines new developments in addiction and behavioral science with evidence-based methods of treatment. To contribute to advancements in this field, the center participates in clinical research, examines current methods, and tests new treatments for drug dependence. With proven science as its focal point, The Grove Recovery Community was an early adopter to the use of medically assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders (OUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and alcohol use disorders (AUD).

Each patient at The Grove Recovery Community is singular, requiring unique treatment and care. This means patients receive customized, individualized treatment plans that are sensitive to specific needs. Personalized treatment is determined by examining the history of each patient including genetics, hereditary, nature, and life experiences.


When seeking treatment, the first step towards recovery is detoxing addictive substances from the body. At The Grove Recovery Community, the detox stage uses a substitution tapering technique that has been developed over decades. Substitution tapering helps to alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms by slowly decreasing the amount of a substance taken over time by replacing it with a similar, more controllable medication. This substitution medication has a lower potential for addiction than the original substance. Medications, such as Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Buprenorphine, can be lifesaving in extreme situations.

During this tapering detox process, there is an emphasis on symptom guided treatment. This means that a patient’s symptoms are watched closely by medical professionals. In monitoring withdrawal symptoms, medical professionals can assess patient’s conditions and determine what treatment will be needed going forward. The aspects of detox at The Grove Recovery Community lessen uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and promote long term recovery by establishing abstinence early on in the treatment process. When used for maintaining sobriety, The Grove Recovery Community recommends their patients take daily doses of substitution medication for 12 months. Additionally, outpatient detox is offered.


The Grove Recovery Community is committed to educating patients and their families about the science of addiction and the steps needed to maintain long term recovery. This center’s curriculum features the basic neurobiology of addiction addressing how and why it develops, who is at risk, and what tools are needed to overcome it. By providing patients with all the necessary information for recovery, patients are given more responsibility over their treatment and future.

Getting Treatment At The Grove Recovery Community

At The Grove Recovery Community in Southern California, patients will be treated as individuals and will receive science-based care. Detox includes substitution medications to taper the amount of a substance used. The medical processes of recovery are supplemented by traditional methods and by the thorough education given to patients. Through treatment at The Grove Recovery Community, patients gain control and defeat their addiction, reclaim their sobriety, flourish in recovery, and can thrive in the future.

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