United Recovery Project is a state of the art drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Our facility sets itself apart from others by always putting the needs of our patients first. Our treatments are completely individualized to each person’s unique needs. Our program typically begins with Detox. In our 24/7 medically supervised detox facility, our staff has one goal in mind; To help ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, while safely ridding the body of the harmful chemicals that it has become dependent on. Depending on your progress, we will begin therapy during detox to prepare you for residential rehab. We focus on treating the underlying factors that may be contributing factors to addiction. Our programs are all aimed at making your addiction treatment experiences one of the best things you ever did for yourself and your loved ones.

Our healing program typically lasts 28-45 days. Patients will benefit from one-on-one therapies, meditation, group therapy, equine therapy, relapse prevention, yoga, exercise, and nutrition workshops. Patients will have the options to join in on trips to the beautiful beaches of sunny South Florida, relax out by the pool of one of our residential villas and enjoy amenities like ping pong, and pool tables.

In residential rehab, you are provided with a peaceful and calm setting with luxury amenities that allows for patients to disconnect and focus solely on their recovery while in a nurturing environment.

While there is some truth to the notion that getting help will often only work when a person is ready, we are firm believers and advocates in the addiction community. At URP, we don’t sit still when it comes to addiction. We don’t always just wait for an addict to be ready to get help. We believe that perhaps, a person can become ready if they come across the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. Many of our staff members are people who have lived the misery that is addiction. With their experiences and their journey in recovery, they are often able to reach an addict in active addiction to let them know that they don’t have to hit rock bottom to get help. We strive to spark the flame in the addict who doesn’t think he can, and we take great pride in providing the highest levels of care in an enjoyable environment for our patients to re-discover a life of value, passion and purpose.

If you believe that you or a loved one is in need of substance abuse treatment, please reach out to one of our addiction specialists. It’s important to know all of your options and to learn what option would best suit you or your loved one.

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