Why Consider Finding Treatment Outside Of Australia?

Attempting to recover from an addiction in a limited area can make treatment process all the more difficult. It gives you little room to separate yourself from your old life. That is why many will travel for rehab. Those in the US can travel thousands of miles to different climates, altitudes, and completely different ways of life. However rehab clinics in Australia are clustered in a few areas; many patients decide to look outside of Australia for treatment.

When there are so few options, it can make it hard to find a clinic — especially if the area you are in feels similar to where you are coming from. For many going into rehabilitation, receiving treatment in a new environment can be the difference between long-term recovery and relapse.

How Surroundings Affect Rehabilitation

Turning away from addiction is no small feat. It often means setting your entire life down a whole new path. When this is the case, living in a place that negatively impacts you or where your addiction was born can be detrimental to your rehabilitation. Changing your surroundings can be a powerful signal to your mind that things are changing and reinforce the positive changes you’ve made.

Benefits of changing your surroundings by traveling outside of Australia for treatment include:

  • A healthy distance away from triggers and stressors
  • A change in routine and a fresh mindset
  • Some breathing room away from all other responsibilities so that you can truly focus on yourself
  • An added layer of privacy and confidentiality
  • A reduction of impulsive behavior

Traveling aboard for treatment may also provide access to different treatment approaches. Although Australia is home to countless drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, there are hundreds of thousands of other excellent centers across the world. Expanding your search for a suitable rehabilitation center outside of your immediate area in Australia can allow you access to approaches that may not be offered nearby.

Where To Look When Finding Treatment Outside Of Australia

Looking in a new place for recovery can seem overwhelming. Especially when considering the radical changes you’re already making as part of your rehabilitation. To make the process easier, you’ll want to keep some things in mind, such as:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Expense
  • Ease of travel
  • Climate
  • Available programs

It may take quite a bit of research to find somewhere that offers the treatment you desire. Most important, don’t be afraid to look for help in an area that is very different then where you currently reside.

For example, you might want to look into traveling to the US. There is a lot of potential in the US for rehabilitation. With a wide range of climates and culture, there are many different environments to choose from. With English as the predominant language, your concerns will never be lost in translation. You’ll be able to communicate effectively with your chosen clinic staff, who can explain everything you’re going through clearly. The US also has many clinics; there are plenty of options with different recovery approaches, programs, and individualized therapies. Some centers will even help arrange transportation to their facility.

Going To The US For Rehabilitation

While going to the US for rehabilitation may seem difficult, it is actually a fairly simple process. You can travel normally from Australia to the US with a passport, be free to stay for up to 90 days, and enter medical treatment. Many clinics have programs ranging from a week to 90 days, so you could complete a program without any special visa. If you believe you need more treatment, there are longer outpatient programs available. To extend your allotted time, you simply need a B2 visa. This visa will extend your stay up to 6 months, padding your time enough so that you don’t need to stress about an impending deadline.

Find Addiction Treatment Today

The decision to travel abroad for rehab can make all the difference in lasting sobriety. If you or someone you love has struggled with addiction and rehabilitation in the past, perhaps your answer lies across the ocean. Traveling abroad allows you to be far away from your past and the chance to truly become a new person. This is a big decision and it’s natural to have questions or doubts. Contact a treatment provider today. They can answer any questions you may have about treatment.