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While Greece may not face the same levels of substance use disorders as other countries, it still deals with significant issues. After the recession in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Greece had to manage skyrocketing levels of drug and alcohol dependence among its population. Rehabs in Greece offer public and private options throughout the country.

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Public Options


KETHEA is Greece’s public rehabilitation network. After getting its start in the early 1980s, KETHEA began offering help to Greeks diagnosed with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. The program boasts over 100 units throughout Greece intended for both public and prison populations. While rehabilitation is the flagship focus, KETHEA also refers to itself as a “social integration” organization as well. Their goal is not only to help people overcome their substance use disorders (SUD) but also to assist in integrating them back as constructive members of  society.


As the largest rehab network in Greece, KETHEA is a primary resource in providing treatment for SUD throughout the country. They not only offer services to individuals with substance use disorders, but they also offer family and friends programs to help those learn about their own co-dependent and enabling behaviors and gain insight and understanding to their loved one’s substance use disorder as well.

KETHEA’s wide range of programs make them a compelling option for rehabilitation within Greece. They provide age specific programs for teenagers and adults, programs for assisting homeless people struggling with addiction, prisoner rehabilitation, and immigrant/refugee assistance programs.


Along with the reactive and rehabilitative programs, KETHEA is invested in preventing addiction through school programs. These initiatives focus on developing stronger connections between students, educators, administrative staff, and parents. Research demonstrated that simply warning kids about the dangers of drugs didn’t seem effective, so school programs now emphasize the importance of education while offering creative and enjoyable activities.

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Along with its public options, Greece offers a variety of private rehabs. Very few exist in the countryside. Large cities and popular communities like Athens and Ithaca (Ithaki, Ithaka) are the best options for finding rehab. As one of the Mediterranean countries, Greece offers spectacular settings for people to undergo rehabilitation.

The location and nature of private rehabs allow for a more luxurious experience for people seeking help. Private rehabs create more tailored experiences because of the smaller groups of people being helped. They also allow for greater agency when selecting a type of rehab, seeing as some private treatment centers specialize in inpatient and residential programs while others focus on outpatient programs and other non-residential options. Greece’s perception as a destination country has encouraged luxury rehab clinics to establish themselves in the beautiful areas of the country. These facilities usually service executives, celebrities, and professional athletes who are experiencing the consequences of addiction and want as comfortable an experience as possible.


Regardless of whether you choose a public or private facility, you’ll find similar treatment modalities. Psychological therapies, professional guidance, medical procedures and prescriptions, and holistic practices may be offered. Depending on which specific type of treatment center you choose, the balance of these treatments may differ significantly.

Greece And Addiction

Since 2000, Greece has struggled with several types of drugs. Heroin is the most dangerous drug commonly used throughout the country. During the mid 2010s, a cheap and easily produced drug called Shisha flooded the major cities. This Crystal Meth-like drug led to many overdoses because of poor quality control and its highly addictive nature. Shisha is now the third most popular drug, behind Heroin and Cannabis.

While Greece still has work to do in order to fully control its issues with addiction and recovery, it faces a much smaller issue than many countries in the EU. Compared to Italy, France, and Austria, Greece is found to have much lower rates of problematic Opioid use. While legal, alcohol misuse is common throughout the country; it is still not as high in comparison to neighboring EU countries, however.

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