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Travel Distance To Opioid Addiction Treatment Places Strain On Rural America

Jena Hilliard ❘

The lack of opioid treatment programs (OTPs) in rural America has placed a huge strain on individuals trying to access addiction treatment.

Racial Disparities In Opioid Addiction Treatment In Black And White Populations

Krystina Murray ❘

Racial disparities in outcomes are still commonplace in the US, including how African-Americans receive medication for opioid addiction treatment.

Virginia Doctor Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For Illegal Opioid Prescriptions

Nathan Yerby ❘

Former doctor Joel Smithers earned $700,000 from unnecessary opioid prescriptions. He'll spend 40 years in prison for fueling the overdose crisis.

French Trial Begins For A Weight-Loss Pill That Killed 500 To 2,000 People

Nathan Yerby ❘

Laboratoires Servier, a major player in French Big Pharma, is on trial for marketing Mediator, a weight-loss pill which may have killed 2,000 people.

Oklahoma County Invests In Vivitrol Relapse Prevention For Former Inmates

Michael Muldoon ❘

Oklahoma is implementing a Vivitrol based addiciton treatment plan for newly released inmates in an attempt to slow down the rate of recidivism.

Prescription-Only App For Addiction Treatment Hits The Market

Jena Hilliard ❘

Pear Therapeutic's reSET-O app is the only FDA-approved, prescription-only, mobile app to help those struggling with addiction treatment.

HHS Secretary Announces New Rule To Allow Doctors To Access Patients’ Addiction Records

Nathan Yerby ❘

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has proposed a new rule to allow doctors to access information about a patient's history of addiction.

Study Breaks Down Prescription Opioid Users

Michael Muldoon ❘

A 2019 analysis has broken prescription opioid users into several subcategories to better understand the dynamics behind a large part of the epidemic.

Hepatitis A Spreads As Aftershock Of Opioid Epidemic

Michael Muldoon ❘

Hepatitis A has been spreading around the US at an alarming rate. Experts think the opioid epidemic is fueling this contagious infection, but how?

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