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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Many residents of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are battling drug addiction. In particular, there has been an increase in drug-related overdoses for Opioids. Drug overdose increased approximately 14-fold between 1979 and 2021.

Male users are more likely to overdose when abusing drugs; however, there has been a dramatic increase in drug use among female users. White men aged 25 to 34 have a higher drug-related mortality rate compared to white women, black women, and black men in the same age group. Death rates from drug abuse in older black men increase in ages 55 to 64 when compared to white men, white women, and black women.

In Pittsburgh, most addicts start using drugs in their 20s; however, it is not uncommon for some drug users to be as young as 12. Many suffering from addiction in Pittsburgh come from upper-middle to upper-class families. Some have become addicted to drugs like Benzodiazepines after being prescribed them following medical procedures.

Commonly Abused Drugs In Pittsburgh

Some of the most commonly abused drugs in Pittsburgh are Opioids, such as Heroin and Fentanyl. Fentanyl is often combined with other Opioids without the user’s knowledge, claiming the lives of many who accidentally overdose.

Abuse of Stimulants such as Cocaine is also on the rise. Due to its low price and potency, it is becoming a favorite amongst new users. Local rehab facility employees are seeing new cases of patients addicted to Cocaine. Like Heroin, it is often combined with Fentanyl to increase its potency, leading to accidental overdoses. Alcoholism also exists in Pittsburgh, and Marijuana, a drug that has been used by 10% of Pittsburgh’s population, is also used regularly.

Addiction Treatment In Pittsburgh

It may be challenging to gauge the severity of an addiction; however, there is hope. If you or a loved one in Pittsburgh experience cravings for drugs, or cannot control themselves, help is available. Rehab facilities are created to connect those struggling with addiction to compassionate staff, providing unique treatment methods to accommodate a variety of patients’ needs, religious backgrounds, and comfort levels.

Inpatient rehab centers are ideal for patients wanting constant monitoring and support in order to achieve healing. Patients connect with staff members who provide various healing methods for each addiction. Patients can also speak to therapists and bond with their peers. Some treatments offered in inpatient facilities include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Psychoeducation
  • Reflective writing
  • Biofeedback
  • Cutting-edge medication
  • 12-Step groups

Outpatient rehab facilities are ideal for patients who want to overcome their addiction but don’t want to suspend daily commitments. Outpatient rehab provides less supervision but allows the patient the flexibility of treatment sessions, counseling, and support. Patients can choose continuing care or intensive outpatient programs. Additionally, outpatient rehab facilities offer flexible spending plans for patients seeking treatment compared to inpatient facilities.

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Traveling For Rehab

Patients can also find recovery success by traveling outside the state for rehab. When they travel, they are away from stressful reminders of addiction and can be fully immersed in top-notch client care. When patients travel for rehab, they are focused on the journey to healing, as the distance reinforces the seriousness of taking responsibility of one’s addiction.

Find Help Now

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there is help available. Many therapists, resources, medications, and unconventional and holistic options are there for you. Contact a treatment provider to discover available options. Getting help does not have to happen in a distant future; it can happen right now.

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