Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Richmond, Virginia

The state of Virginia is no stranger to losing residents to Opioids and other harmful drugs, as overdose-related deaths plague Virginia. According to the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, when it comes to overdose fatalities, “nearly 80% of those deaths involve prescription opioid drugs or heroin.”

It should be noted, however, that the Health Authority goes on to clarify that “There is hope. Treatment works and recovery is possible.” Both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers can help those struggling with addiction and/or mental health in and around Richmond take a step toward recovery.

The Opioid Epidemic In Richmond

Fentanyl is widely used by Richmond-area drug dealers to mix with other drugs to increase their potency and decrease their price, and concerns arise as Carfentanil, an even more dangerous substance, is beginning to appear more frequently as well. No age range is spared from addiction, as natives as young as 15 and as mature as 65 (and up) are victim to Opioids. The lives claimed by Opioids have increased over time; in 2019, Richmond lost 60 to death from an overdose of Opioids. By 2020, that number was 155.

Alcohol And Marijuana Use In Richmond

Alcohol use and binge drinking are common in Richmond. Binge drinking is classified as 4 or more drinks for women in a 1 to 2-hour timeframe and 5 or more drinks for men in the same timeframe. Per the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 16.1% of Virginia adults reported either binge drinking or heavy drinking (defined as 8 drinks a week for women and 15 for men) in 2020.

Medical Marijuana is decriminalized in the state of Virginia. While effects of Marijuana are not typically fatal, Marijuana can be addictive and has many negative side effects.

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Prevention Of Substance Use Disorders In Richmond

Virginia addiction rates are expected to increase in upcoming years. State officials are reaching ways to fund programs and treatment for Richmond natives to recover from alcohol and substance abuse. Over 350 organizations are focusing on solutions to assist Virginia’s natives transform into a life of wellness from one of substance abuse.

Suggested solutions include incarcerating drug dealers, urging medical professionals to properly administer medication, and making treatment more accessible for Richmond natives. State officials also suggest recognizing signs of substance use disorders to get individuals help and removing stigmas surrounding addiction and for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders to confide with friends and family for support.

Taking The Road To Sobriety

If someone suspects a loved one or friend may be struggling with addiction, they should encourage them to contact a treatment professional. This allows them to actively seek advice from treatment providers on which rehab facilities may be best for them. Treatment providers can refer future patients to facilities with flexible financial plans that are mindful of needs such as:

  • Religion
  • Identity (LGBTQ+, gender-identity inclusive)
  • Location (traveling or staying local)
  • Expectant motherhood
  • Age (youth or elderly programs)

Considering factors such as location can greatly assist in influencing the success of rehab. Traveling for rehab can help patients focus on the moment, as they have less distractions by starting fresh. They are not focused on local distractions that may be reminders of stressful and negative emotions more likely to be found in local settings. For more information on treatment options, contact a treatment provider today.

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