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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Seattle, Washington

The largest city in Washington by far, Seattle has seen its fair share of deaths from the drug epidemic sweeping America. The rise of prescription Opioid and Methamphetamine abuse has spiraled many lives out of control. As pharmaceutical companies seemingly only change their marketing practices when courtrooms are involved, many are falling victim to dangerous substances.

The Opioid Epidemic In Seattle

Opioid-related deaths have hit a record high in King’s County, where Seattle is located, with the largest concentration happening in Seattle. Of 332 deaths recorded as being from overdose, two-thirds were from Opioids. This number doesn’t include other drug-related deaths, such as driving under the influence or having an allergic reaction to the supply. The number of deaths caused by Fentanyl grew year-over-year, from 5 to 17, but the majority involved Black Tar Heroin or a prescription Opioid. In fact, deaths by Heroin have decreased greatly. The steady increase comes from the abuse of prescription Opioid pain relievers.

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Methamphetamines In Seattle

Methamphetamines, or Meth, have become a popular Stimulant in the Northwest, in particular with the homeless population. Living in a cold, damp environment can make it hard to wake up, go out, and accomplish something. When one’s whole life is spent living outside, it becomes even harder.

The homeless of Seattle often need something to keep them going. Many of them turn to Meth to cope. Naturally, when use is treated as a necessity to everyday life, a Meth addiction will develop faster.



At least 332 people have died from illicit drug overdose in King County.



At least 216 people died in King County from alcohol-influenced incidents and poisoning.



Fully 66%, or 219, of overdose deaths have involved an Opioid.



Methamphetamines were involved in the deaths of at least 98 people.

Other Drugs And Alcoholism In Seattle

While Opioids and Meth have a stranglehold on Seattle, the presence of other drugs and alcohol is always a danger, despite the lower percentage of people who are hospitalized for other drugs. Even though alcohol is legal, many are still dying from its use.

Any substance that affects the brain can lead to addiction and all that comes with it: loss of loved ones and career, isolation, depression, and even death. Whether it is something legal, like Adderall, or illicit, like Cocaine, it all turns out the same. Without recovery, addiction can destroy a life.

Get Help In Seattle

Trying to recover in the environment where your addiction began can be difficult. Oftentimes, people who realize they are suffering will try to get better on their own; this is not recommended. The process of detoxification, or detox, is intense. Without anyone to help treat the symptoms of withdrawal, people who are going through it are more likely to relapse and not try again in the future. Clinics and addiction recovery groups can help ease the strain of rehabilitation.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction in Seattle, there is help available. There are treatment providers who can answer your treatment questions. Contact a treatment provider today.

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