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by Cooper Smith ❘  

Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona, is a large city located in Maricopa County with a population of about 185,000 people. There are several factors that contribute to the city’s battle with Opioid and alcohol abuse. Like so many cities in America, the sheer amount of Opioids that are prescribed in Arizona is heavily linked to the rate of substance abuse. Arizona providers wrote 50.4 Opioid prescriptions for every 100 people, and while that is slightly lower than the US average rate, this overwhelms communities with these drugs. Additionally, as a prominent college town, the rate of underage drinking is significantly higher due to the large student body base in town.

To help reduce the rate of prescription Opioid addiction in cities all throughout the state, organizations are finding ways to prevent addiction. The Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act is a series of initiatives aimed at reducing chances of addiction while protecting those who may still need prescription Opioids.  Such initiatives include placing a 5-day limit on Opioid prescriptions and a 90 MME dosage limit, but these limits would not apply to chronic pain sufferers. For those with a substance use disorder (SUD), some treatment facilities are available in Arizona, but out-of-state travel may be necessary for the best fit.

The Opioid Epidemic In Tempe

In 2016, 769 Arizonans lost their lives to an overdose on at least one Opioid. Tempe’s Maricopa County suffers from more casualties from Opioids than any other part of Arizona. Among the 910 fatal overdoses which occurred in Arizona in 2017, 576 overdoses occurred in Tempe and Maricopa County. In 2018, at least 538 people, mostly men between the ages of 25 and 54, overdosed on Opioids in the Tempe area. Drug traffickers have brought Fentanyl, the most lethal Opioid, into the Tempe drug market. In 2018, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrested 2 men for conspiracy to distribute 8,000 Fentanyl pills.

Although people in Tempe typically develop Opioid dependence accidentally after taking prescribed Painkillers, many Opioid-addicted Tempe residents eventually begin to use Heroin. Drug traffickers sometimes lace Heroin with other drugs, especially with Fentanyl, and create substances which subject users to very high risks of overdose. Paramedics from the Tempe Fire and Medical Rescue Department have become adept at saving lives from overdoses, which the police encourage people to report, although sometimes people die from overdoses before help arrives. To more effectively fight the Opioid epidemic, Maricopa County has begun to provide addicted prisoners with Vivitrol, a drug which is supposed to suppress Opioid dependence.

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Alcohol Abuse And ASU College Students

As a major college town and large city, Tempe has experienced multiple problems related to alcohol abuse. In 2017, 516 people died in Tempe and Maricopa County from cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease. Alcohol is the most commonly-abused substance in Tempe and throughout Arizona. Since there is a large student population in Tempe, the city government and local police department have been working to reduce underage drinking. In 2016, police in Tempe arrested 371 teenagers and young adults for alcohol-related offenses, including for driving under the influence. Although Arizona State University has implemented programs to educate their students about the dangers of underage drinking, alcohol abuse remains a serious problem in Tempe with both college students and other residents.

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