The Truth About Bath Salts

There is a common misconception that if you were to go to your bathroom and ingest a bunch of salt you use to relax in the tub, you would hallucinate so intensely that you could potentially kill someone. However, the drugs collectively known as bath salts are not the same as the salt you put into your bath. They are actually synthetic cathinones, derived from the khat plant of East Africa. This class of drugs is made up of man-made elements related to cathinone. Although the salt you use to soak in after a long day will not make you intensely hallucinate after ingesting some, these drugs might.

As the popularity of bath salts have grown, so has the availability of the products. They are sold in packages under the assumption that they are “not for human consumption.” Yet, you can purchase them with the intention of using them as food for your plant, to clean your jewelry, or even to clean your phone.

Drug dealers promote them as cheap alternatives to Molly and other psychoactive drugs. The truth is, you never know what you are getting or how dangerous it really is. The same goes for a lot of drugs. For example, some dealers sell Molly capsules with bath salts already in them.

Bath salts are all too readily available in stores and online, under brand names such as:

  • Cloud Nine
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Bliss
  • White Lightning

These simple and harmless names disguise how dangerous these drugs can actually be if consumed.

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How Dangerous Are Bath Salts, Really?

Research is limited on the subject; however, researchers have determined the effects of the drug are similar to Molly or Cocaine. However, bath salts are about 10 times more powerful than cocaine, increasing the potential for overdoses leading to death.

Snorting, eating, and even injecting bath salts are a popular ways to consume the drug. Users may initially feel joy, followed by intense hallucinations. Users might feel a little nervous or paranoid, which can get worse as the hallucinations intensify, making users see, hear, and feel unreal things.

In 2011 alone, the height of the popularity of bath salts, there were almost 23,000 hospital admissions due to bath salts. Bath salts can contain traces of other harsh drugs, increasing chances of abnormal reactions and overdoses.

Addiction to bath salts is entirely possible, increasing exposure to harsh chemicals and intense internal damage to your body. Some people call it poison. Some say it’s more addictive and mind numbing than meth. Some aren’t alive to recall what happened during their last dosage.

Bath salts are more dangerous than you think. One dose can cause seizures and death. Trying it out for fun to see what it will feel like is not recommended. Be smart in what you choose to put into your body; it could be the last time you ever consume anything.

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