Mia Williams, MS

Mia Williams has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her background is primarily in Substance Abuse Counseling and Case Management. She has experience working at an adult substance abuse inpatient treatment facility, where she provided assistance to the Family Unit — a separate accommodation reserved for women at the treatment center for those who chose to bring their children with them during treatment. Her background also includes working as a Substance Abuse Counselor in an outpatient setting, where she counseled in individual and group sessions. She has also been employed as a Substance Abuse Counselor for a Drug Court program, where she not only provided counseling but advocacy for those who attended the program. Her personal philosophy is, “Progress, Not Perfection”. Mia Williams is currently a Social Worker and resides in Florida.

Posts by Mia Williams, MS

Addiction: Is It A Disease Or A Choice?

Mia Williams, MS ❘

The controversy over whether addiction is a disease or a choice is important for those who work with substance abuse and who struggle with addiction.

What To Do If 12-Step Programs Don’t Work

Mia Williams, MS ❘

You may have completed a 12-step program but didn’t particularly like the approach, or maybe it didn’t work for you at all, but there are other options.

How Long Until My Loved Ones Trust Me

Mia Williams, MS ❘

Regaining trust can be difficult and daunting, even after you have successfully completed treatment and continue to progress.

How To Start Treatment Right Where You Are

Mia Williams, MS ❘

Sometimes, getting into a treatment center doesn’t happen when you want it to. But you can begin the healing process wherever you are.

Was It A Slip Or A Relapse? Knowing When To Return To Treatment

Mia Williams, MS ❘

Many people in recovery have been there. You’ve gone through a treatment program and completed it successfully—and then you relapsed.