Natalie Hoeg

Natalie Hoeg

Natalie is currently working towards completing her undergraduate studies at Stetson University, majoring in political science, philosophy, and sociology.  She is also a member of the university’s prestigious honors program, which has given her the opportunity to organize and host charity events, design courses that were offered to students at the university, and meet with local politicians, teachers, and philanthropists to discuss how her areas of study could be used to help her aid her community.  This has helped her become a more efficient and conscientious community servant,  as she has had a passion for giving back since she was first introduced to the concept of community service in elementary school.  Along with her philanthropic passions, Natalie has always been a particularly curious person with an insatiable desire to keep learning. With some background in creative writing and research, she hopes to some day earn her Ph.D. so that she can use her knowledge and authority to help educate at risk children and young adults.

Recently, Natalie has pursued careers and other opportunities to grow as a writer and to conduct research for companies such as Recovery Worldwide.  In her spare time she continues to work on her own individual studies and research projects in her field.  Working for Recovery Worldwide, Natalie has not only been able to expand her own knowledge on the topic of addiction and addiction treatment, but help educate the public with the hope of preventing potential substance abusers from going down a dark path and helping others get the assistance that they or a loved one need.  Natalie plans to continue using her constant pursuit of knowledge and academic successes to give back to her community, striving to improve the lives of people from all different walks of life through education.


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