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10 Celebrities Who Battled Addiction And Mental Illness

Destiny Bezrutczyk ❘

Many Celebrities have battled co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. Drugs and alcohol can aggravate symptoms.

10 Celebrities Who Found Sobriety After Opioid Addiction

Destiny Bezrutczyk ❘

After struggling with an Opioid addiction, these celebrities managed to find sobriety and a continued career in entertainment. Recovery made it possible.

How Rehab, Sobriety, And Diet Transformed Jenna Jameson

Destiny Bezrutczyk ❘

Former adult film star and author, Jenna Jameson, talks about over-prescribing of Opiates by doctor after pregnancy, alcoholism, and rehab at Betty Ford.

Demi Lovato’s Relapse: The Ongoing Battle Of Addiction

Destiny Bezrutczyk ❘

Demi Lovato’s recent relapse in her enduring battle with addiction and depression emphasizes the need for continuing treatment and a network of vigilance.

A Decade Of Billboard 100 Music And Alcohol Lyrics

Colleen O'Day ❘

Popular culture can be an influence on our behavior. Here is a Northwestern University analysis of a decade of Billboard 100 music data.

Remembering Carrie Fisher: A Rebel Against The Stigma Of Mental Health And Addiction

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Carrie Fisher passed away on Tuesday, leaving a legacy of mental health and addiction awareness advocacy. May the Force be with you always, Carrie.

Terry Crews Opens Up About Pornography Addiction To Help Others

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Terry Crews discusses his struggle with pornography and how he developed this addiction and eventually overcame it. Find out how to get help.

Scott Weiland’s Rock And Roll Legacy And Life Of Addiction

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

On Thursday, the singer Scott Weiland died from a heart attack at 48. Many have reflected on the singer's life, including his battle with addiction.

“Mad” World: Alcohol and the Workplace

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Even though shows like "Mad Men" glamorize drinking in the workplace, the reality is that alcohol at work might cause problems for companies and employees.

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