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Category: Expert Insight

How Does A Family Help The Addict?

Deborah Montross Nagel ❘

Addiction does not just affect the addict; it affects their entire circle of people, especially family members who are trying to help.

Surrender, Sanity, And Sacred Connection

David Hampton ❘

We have to allow people to feel what they already feel and know what they already know. This is the beginning of true surrender.

Proper Etiquette For 12-Step Meetings

Theresa Parisi ❘

Dangers Of The Negative Inner Narrative

David Hampton ❘

If you have a dangerous negative inner narrative, it could be holding you back from making the progress in recovery that you are seeking.

Recovery and the Price of Change

David Hampton ❘

If you are truly committed to change, you have to pay a price of some kind. However, the many benefits of recovery are worth any price.

People In The Thresholds Of Recovery

David Hampton ❘

People in the thresholds of recovery are in liminal spaces between a life of addiction and a life of sobriety where we learn who we truly are.

Thresholds of Recovery

David Hampton ❘

Liminality, the space in between the sense of being in between your past and your future, defines the thresholds of recovery.

Recovery And The Integrated Soul

David Hampton ❘

True recovery isn’t about creating a sober persona, but rather an integrated soul that is intentional and honest about what is and isn’t authentic about me.

Recovery and the Neurology of Joy

David Hampton ❘

The unique neurology of joy means that you can influence your thought processes in such a way that it will increase your chances of a successful recovery.

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