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Episode 36 – Codependency And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Codependent relationships are often seen in those with addiction and their loved ones. Dr. Bhatt, MD describes the signs to look out.

Episode 35 – Anxiety And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Dr. Bhatt, MD explains the difference between normal everyday stress and anxiety, and the dangers of self-medicating.

Episode 34 – College Substance Abuse

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Many young people begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol in college. Dr. Bhatt, MD explains if this is ever considered normal.

Episode 33 – Sex And Porn Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Determining if someone has a sexual compulsion can be difficult. Sex is a normal part of life, but where do you draw the line?

Episode 32 – Trauma And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

What defines a traumatic situation, and when does that trauma become PTSD? Dr. Bhatt explores the relationship between trauma and addiction.

Episode 31 – Addiction Vs Dependence

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

The drugs of today can cause a physical dependency in 2 weeks. Dr. Bhatt explains the differences between addiction and dependency.

Episode 30 – Nutrition And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Dr. Ashish Bhatt breaks down how drugs and alcohol can impact appetite, weight fluctuation, and overall health.

Episode 29 – COVID And Children’s Mental Health

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Children across the world are facing a pandemic as they develop through their most formative years. They are facing challenges like isolation.

Episode 28 – War On Drugs: 50 Years Later

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

After 50 years, are we losing the War on Drugs? This episode breaks down the history of the war on drugs from the viewpoint of an addiction medicine specialist.

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