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Category: Prevention

The 7 Cs For Helping Your Child Heal During Your Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

The "7 Cs" will help your child heal during your recovery. Find out how each one plays a role in talking to your child about addiction treatment.

How Sober Bars Are Creating A New Buzz Around Town

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

After alcohol rehab, bars and clubs pose a challenge for many. Sober bars bridge the gap between the social scene and alcohol-free fun without temptation.

President Obama Launches Heroin And Opioid Awareness Week

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Sept. 16 through 24 is officially Prescription Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week. Read how President Obama is addressing Heroin and Opioid addiction.

Breaking The Cycle Of Addiction Across Generations

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Intergenerational addiction is a difficult cycle to end. Learn how you can break the dangerous cycle of substance abuse and create a better, sober life.

How To Tackle College Football Season While In Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

College football season can bring forth many temptations for those recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction to break their sobriety.

How Online Addiction Programs Encourage Treatment

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Online addiction programs are changing how people view recovery and treatment. Learn about the programs that have the highest rates of recovery success.

Sobriety Celebrations: Say Adios To Addiction During National Recovery Month

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Take pride in overcoming an addiction by hosting a sobriety celebration. Find out ways to have a fun and memorable recovery party.

5 Tips For Talking To A Friend About Addiction

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Watching a friend struggle with a drug addiction can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. Find out the top ways to get the conversation started.

Stop The Stigma: Raising Awareness About Addiction In Your Community

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Communities across the nation are joining forces to help raise awareness about addiction. Find out ways you can make a difference in your area today.

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