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Category: Recovery

Integrated Treatment: Part 2 – The Approach

Cindy Hardy ❘

The integrated treatment approach to psychiatric and substance use disorders makes sense from the standpoint of viewing recovery from a holistic approach.

Integrated Treatment: Part 1

Cindy Hardy ❘

The goal of addressing addiction and mental illness is to provide an overall understanding of the importance of an integrated treatment approach.

Understanding Addiction Transference

Theresa Parisi ❘

Addiction transference is a common problem that can occur to individuals who struggle with or are recovering from alcohol, drug or behavioral addictions.

The Top 10 Relapse Prevention Skills

Theresa Parisi ❘

Relapse prevention skills are essential to learning to live a happy life in recovery. One can learn to implement these coping skills to prevent relapse.

Proper Etiquette For 12-Step Meetings

Theresa Parisi ❘

Nervous about attending a 12-step meeting? Don't be. Follow these tips to avoid pitfalls and make the most of the experience.

Whole Health Recovery

Cindy Hardy ❘

Whole health recovery is necessary for addiction treatment because it helps treat many aspects of an individual's life that contributed to the problem.

What Do Teens Need To Know About Substance Abuse?

Theresa Parisi ❘

One of the biggest concerns many teens find themselves facing is substance abuse, whether involving themselves, a family member, or a close friend

Learning To Take Life On Life’s Terms

David Hampton ❘

Those of us who have spent any time in recovery circles have heard the term, “Taking life on life’s terms.” But what does that really mean?

Surrender, Sanity, And Sacred Connection

David Hampton ❘

We have to allow people to feel what they already feel and know what they already know. This is the beginning of true surrender.

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