2019 New Year’s Resolution: Inspire Someone To Start Recovery

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Need A New Year’s Resolution? Inspire Someone To Start Recovery

Whether you’ve gone through recovery yourself, been with a loved one throughout the process, or know someone who needs to attend rehab, the new year is the perfect time to inspire someone to get help for their addiction.

What is it that makes the New Year holiday so special to recovery? In reality, January is just as good as any time to recover from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). When a person is ready to change their life, they should enter treatment as soon as possible. Nonetheless, the January tradition of setting goals, and having the motivation to carry them out, can be a major benefit to people still seeking recovery. If you want to make a difference in someone’s life with your New Year’s Resolution, inspire someone to start recovery with the following top 3 reasons:

Recovery Is Good For Everyone–Not Just The Person Suffering

People suffering from an addiction are more likely to have substance abuse-related health complications. For instance, Meth use can cause skin sores, alcoholism can damage the liver, and Opioid abuse can lead to brain and nerve damage. Substance abuse can also involve injection drug use that may lead to the contraction of diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

Receiving treatment from medical professionals at a rehab can help identify any associated health issues and begin treatment–potentially before it’s too late.

Furthermore, starting recovery can be beneficial to the health of others. A person with an addiction may drive while impaired, putting the lives of everyone on the road at risk. In 2016, nearly 12 million people over the age of 16 reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs, including Marijuana. Stimulant or alcohol addiction can also result in violent behavior; alcohol-related crime, in particular, makes up a large portion of assaults in the US

Violence and neglect caused by substance abuse is likewise responsible for billions of dollars in healthcare costs, lost productivity, and unemployment each year. What’s more, the victims of substance abuse-related crime can face years of physical and psychological damage, and even death. Entering an addiction treatment facility can help a person properly identify how detrimental these actions are so they can begin to make healthier choices.

Detox Doesn’t Mean Days Of Painful Withdrawal

Addiction is a chronic disease, meaning it requires treatment and cannot be cured overnight. Most people suffering from addiction know this but resist the opportunity to go to rehab because they feel like they’ll lose control over their lives. However, in reality rehab gives people the tools to take control back from the compulsion to find and abuse substances. Detox is a place to cleanse the body of substances and learn strategies to cope with cravings. Moreover, it doesn’t have to include enduring painful withdrawal symptoms.

Many detox centers offer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to aid people in their recovery.

Addiction treatment medications are designed to:

  • Treat withdrawal symptoms like nausea and insomnia
  • Help people overcome drug cravings
  • Prevent relapse

There’s Always Hope

The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states that hope is the foundation of addiction recovery. Hope can inspire someone who feels like they’ve lost everything to addiction to survive, recover, and thrive. Give someone hope by letting them know you’re available for support. Be a genuine source of love and positivity during possibly the hardest time in someone’s life. Offering a ride to a support group meeting, or attending one yourself, can remove a person’s feelings of isolation and despair.

Treatment for a substance use disorder can be a challenging process. Yet, a supportive network and the right rehab program can successfully start an individual down the road of recovery. Undoubtedly, breaking free of the control of addiction is the best way to celebrate the New Year in 2019. Contact a treatment provider today for more information on recovery options.

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