The Power Of The Internet: Online Addiction Programs

People are different, from our appearance and favorite hobbies to how we learn and process situations. So when it comes to treating a drug or alcohol addiction, why limit yourself to a 1-size-fits-all program?

When you take part in a comprehensive recovery program, your treatment may include
inpatient or outpatient rehab, individual counseling, faith-based treatments, medication-assisted therapy, and support groups. Now there’s another form of treatment that is helping people overcome drug abuse and addiction: online programs.

When used as part of a comprehensive plan, online treatment programs significantly increase the likelihood of long-term recovery and lasting sobriety.

Think about it. You spend time every day online scrolling through social media sites, checking emails, and catching up on news. With online treatment programs, you can also stay connected to helpful recovery resources wherever you go.

Addiction is a 24/7 issue and requires 24/7 solutions. Internet programs can help address that need. They are not meant to replace face-to-face modalities, which provide support and accountability, but can supplement them.

- Paul Radkowski, CEO/Clinical Director at Life Recovery Program

Addiction Recovery Programs At Your Fingertips

Below are a list of 3 recovery programs that are revolutionizing the world of addiction treatment. While online resources are highly beneficial, it’s important that they are used alongside other treatment services to achieve the highest levels of success according to research.

Computer-Based Training For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT4CBT)

Focused on the psychological aspects of addiction, the Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT4CBT) is relatively new to the online treatment environment.

Using the same practices as face-to-face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT4CBT helps individuals alter their negative thoughts into positive ones. Plus, it’s a great alternative for those who are in remote areas and far from an addiction counselor.

Adding CBT4CBT on top of a treatment program reduced substance urges and encouraged long-term sobriety.

The first step in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to recognize triggers. CBT4CBT guides you in the decision-making process through various interactive activities such as videos, quizzes, and real-life examples. After some time and practice, you will be able to identify warning signs of triggers and avoid potentially harmful situations.

[Cognitive behavioral therapy] takes a fair amount of work on the part of the therapist. “It was a no-brainer to computerize it…You have a way of providing it with a standard level of quality, in a way that could also be engaging and entertaining for people.

- Dr. Kathleen Carroll, Yale psychologist and developer of CBT4CBT

Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART)

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) was developed to provide participants with self-empowering tools to overcome an addiction. In contrast to other support groups, SMART can be used for a wide range of addictions including substance abuse, alcohol abuse, behavioral addictions, and problem addiction.

The program’s global reach provides you with an opportunity to communicate with others who are in similar situations. You can even take your SMART handbook and toolbox on-the-go with a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. As part of the program, participants have access to daily online meetings, online message boards, and 24/7 chat rooms.

SMART’s 4-Point Program will lay the foundation for your long-term recovery by focusing on:
1. Building and maintaining motivation
2. Coping with urges
3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
4. Living a balanced life

Life Process Program

The Life Process Program is available entirely online and offers recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction as well as other behavioral addictions. Course materials are available through any device and can be completed at your own pace. Review and practice recovery techniques from the comfort of your home or while you’re away.

Each program tailors its exercises and modules to specific types of addiction. This ensures you are provided with the best tools for learning about your addiction and staying motivated on your path to sobriety. When combined with other treatment methods, the Life Process Program encourages long-term recovery and healing.

The Life Process Program had a roughly 65% success rate when implemented in treatment centers.

Addiction Treatment Resources

Overcoming an addiction starts with you. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Every goal and every step in the recovery process takes time and commitment. Online treatment methods are just 1 piece to the puzzle for regaining control of your life. Other services as part of a comprehensive plan deliver other key factors in helping you fight an addiction once and for all.

Addiction is treatable. There is help available. Contact a treatment provider to discuss available treatment options.

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