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Tee-Total Bosses: Women of the Temperance Movement

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Learn about 3 women of the temperance and prohibition movements who managed to change the nation’s perception of alcohol forever.

Turn Up The Volume: The Dangers of Music Festival Drug Use

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Musical festivals and drugs go hand and hand, but drug use at these events can be dangerous. Learn how to stay safe and sober this festival season.

Blurred Lines: Alcohol Abuse or Addiction?

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Most people have asked themselves, “Do I have a drinking problem?” The difference between drinking too much and being an alcoholic can be difficult to see.

Dare to Differ: Today’s Addiction Prevention Campaigns And DARE’s Mistakes

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Unlike the D.A.R.E. campaign of years past, today's drug prevention strategies use scientific fact to teach young people why substance abuse is a bad idea.

“Mad” World: Alcohol and the Workplace

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Even though shows like "Mad Men" glamorize drinking in the workplace, the reality is that alcohol at work might cause problems for companies and employees.

#TBT: A Brief History of Cocaine

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

The history of cocaine is fascinating. Cocaine has been used as medicine, currency, and an ingredient in soda, but it's always been a dangerous drug.

Celebrating Sober for St. Patrick’s Day

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Somehow St. Patrick’s Day became a day to drink, but it doesn't have to be. There are many sober ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

A Brief History of Cocaine … And Horses

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Animal-assisted therapy for addiction is becoming more common and more effective than ever. Here's how animals help people in recovery.

Ten Boring Years in Paradise – Looking Forward by Looking Back

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

A person in recovery for 10 years recounts what his journey has been like. He explains what sobriety feels like now, and how he wouldn't change a thing.

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