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Episode 22 – Involuntary Commitment

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Involuntary or civil commitment can be used when patients present as a danger to themselves or others. Dr. Bhatt, MD explains what this means.

Episode 21 – Social Media Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Social media or internet use that starts causing problems holds many of the same characteristics as behavioral addictions.

Current COVID Regulations For Travel

Suzette Gomez ❘

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on April 2nd that fully vaccinated travelers do not need a COVID test before travel.

Episode 20 – The Reality Of Relapse

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Relapse is oftentimes part of the recovery process. Dr. Bhatt, MD explains why it happens and what you should do if it does.

Episode 19 – Breaking Down Fentanyl

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

It’s 100 times more potent than Morphine. Fentanyl has been involved in a large number of Opioid overdoses. Dr. Bhatt, MD explains why.

Top 10 Locations For Luxury Rehab

Suzette Gomez ❘

If you or a loved one are considering treatment at a luxury rehab, then look no further. Discover the top 10 locations for luxury rehab.

Episode 18 – The Opioid Epidemic

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

What caused the Opioid Epidemic? And more importantly, what can be done to stop it? Dr. Bhatt, MD breaks it down.

Alcohol Sales Spike In 2020 Due To COVID-19

Suzette Gomez ❘

Despite bar, club, and restaurant closure, the alcohol market grew by 55%, and online alcohol sales skyrocketed to 243% in the U.S.

Episode 17 – Bipolar Disorder And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Bipolar disorder isn’t just mood swings. Get an inside look on the disorder from an expert and someone who’s experienced it themselves.

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