ADHD And Addiction: Are They Connected?

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

There is a link between ADHD and addiction, but how are they connected? Dr. Bhatt explains why what you see isn’t always the reality.

Episode 15 – Depression And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

It’s very possible you or someone you know has struggled with depression. Those with depression are likely to struggle with substance abuse.

Episode 14 – ADHD And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Many people with ADHD suffer from substance use problems. Dr. Bhatt talks about why that is and what kind of intervention can be done.

Episode 13 – Breaking Down Cocaine

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

With 1.5 million American adults being Cocaine users, Dr. Bhatt breaks down how Cocaine affects the brain and the drug's reputation.

Episode 12 – Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Medications like Buprenorphine can help individuals struggling with addiction achieve and maintain abstinence; they are not for everyone.

Episode 11 – Breaking Down Alcohol

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

It’s something the majority of Americans consume, but also an addictive substance. Dr. Bhatt explains how alcohol works in the brain.

Episode 10 – For The Family Of An Addict

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

What do you do when your loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol? Dr. Bhatt addresses this sensitive topic and gives expert advice.

Episode 9 – Addiction After COVID-19

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

As the vaccine rolls out, it raises the question of how those who struggle with addiction will be impacted.

Choosing A Sober Living Home

Krystina Murray ❘

Sober living homes provide safety and stable shelter for individuals seeking a safe place post-rehab. Learn what to consider when seeking one.

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