Straight Talk With The Doc

Straight Talk With The Doc

A podcast where leading physician, addiction medicine specialist, and psychiatrist Dr. Ashish Bhatt breaks down topics on addiction, treatment, and mental health.

New episodes come out on Thursdays, available on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and right here on Addiction Center.

Latest Episodes

Episode 37 – Self-Harm And Addiction

by Dr. Ashish Bhatt

Self-injury can be moderate or severe, but any form of self-harm should be evaluated and addressed. Dr. Bhatt, MD explains how self-harm and substance abuse can make each other worse.

Episode 36 – Codependency And Addiction

by Dr. Ashish Bhatt

Codependent relationships are often seen in those with addiction and their loved ones. Dr. Bhatt, MD describes the signs to look out.

Episode 35 – Anxiety And Addiction

by Dr. Ashish Bhatt

Dr. Bhatt, MD explains the difference between normal everyday stress and anxiety, and the dangers of self-medicating.

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