Disneyland Paris Visitor Falls Into Lake And Goes Missing After Taking LSD

A Swiss tourist had the adventure of a lifetime after taking LSD at Disneyland Paris this past weekend. The 32-year-old man was given the illegal hallucinogenic drug by his girlfriend, and went missing on theme park grounds almost immediately after. The pair had smuggled the drugs past entrance security guards, violating park rules which strictly prohibits “all illicit or hazardous substances” that “could endanger visitor security to the Parks.”

According to the man’s girlfriend, he fell into the man-made lake called “Pirate’s Beach” near Captain Hook’s moored pirate ship and Skull Rock. When he failed to resurface after, she grew nervous. When she still saw no sign of him as the park started to close up for the night at around 8:30 p.m., she alerted staff that he was missing.

For hours after, Disneyland employees searched the park looking for the man, but there was no sign of the lost Swiss tourist anywhere. The search party came to include 30 firefighters, 10 policeman, 10 divers, and 80 Disneyland Paris employees. The dark sky made it hard for searchers to look into the Adventure Isle lagoon, so dogs and a military Gendarmerie helicopter with a thermal camera were also brought in for assistance.

Lost Visitor Found Naked And Confused Hours Later

The search continued early on into the next morning – that is until a 44-year-old man driving home from work happened upon an odd sighting. The driver, who identifies as Benoit, was driving through the town of Chessy, (about a mile away from the Disneyland Paris park) when he came face-to-face with a naked man wandering the streets alone.

I stopped, got out of the car and went to meet him. I wanted to know what a naked man was doing 300 meters from my home.

- Benoit, Interview with French Newspaper Le Parisien

Benoit approached the nude man and noticed that he had scratches all up and down his arms and legs. When Benoit tried asking the naked stranger what he was doing, Benoit encountered a language barrier – the man didn’t speak French, instead he spoke Dutch. However, the two men eventually realized that they both knew some English and could communicate that way.

The naked man explained to Benoit that he didn’t remember how he had gotten to the area but that he had taken LSD at Disneyland as part of a bet with his friends back home. He also said that his girlfriend was probably worried about him, but when Benoit offered to call her, he couldn’t remember the number. Realizing the lost man was harmless and just confused, Benoit offered to get him some clothes and drive him back to Disneyland.

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Man And Girlfriend Arrested For Narcotics Possession And Use

Benoit dropped the man off at the park’s edge at around 1:15 a.m., where rescuers found him shortly after. Upon which, both he and his girlfriend were promptly arrested for the incident and taken to the Chessy police station for detainment.

The couple’s stint in jail didn’t last long, however, as authorities released them less than a day later on Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m. According to Le Parisien, both received a “rappel a la loi” citation for drug use, which roughly translates to “reminder of the law.” This citation essentially functions as a warning, as it’s typically handed out when prosecutors don’t press charges and it doesn’t get added to the offender’s official criminal record.

Disneyland Paris was also lenient in terms of the incident, pressing no formal charges against the Swiss tourists. Park officials stated that there was no disruption to park operations or guests at any times. In fact, “the visitors did not even realize that there was a problem,” confirmed a Disneyland Paris representative.

It still remains unclear how the man surfaced from the Adventure Isle lake and left the park without his girlfriend noticing, as does where his clothing went and what he did for the several hours that he was missing. We may never know the full story as the man maintains he remembers nothing of the incident that occurred after falling into the lake at Pirate’s Beach.

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