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There are limited rehab centers in Birmingham, but traveling a short distance to neighboring areas might be ideal in finding the support and assistance for those struggling with substance abuse.

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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Birmingham, Alabama

In central northern Alabama, Birmingham is the state’s most populous city with 207,235 residents. In 2017, the industrial Birmingham-Hoover metro area was home to over 1.1 million Alabamans. The city is also grouped together with several other Southern cities along highways I-85/I-20 to form a network called the Piedmont Atlantic Mega-region.

In 2010, a majority of drug and alcohol rehabs in the area reported a majority of patients were admitted for Marijuana abuse. Yet, despite the state’s 24 dry counties, the most common substance of abuse in the region is alcohol. Research shows that alcohol is involved in an alarming number of violent crimes, and Birmingham has one of the highest violent crime rates (427.4 violent crimes per 100,000 residents) in the country. Almost half of all adults report regular consumption and alcohol-related arrests outnumber those that are drug-related nearly 2-to-1.

While there are limited treatment facilities in the immediate area, traveling a short distance to neighboring regions might be more beneficial in finding the assistance best suited to your needs.

Opioid Use And Abuse In Birmingham

Similar to other Appalachian cities, prescription Opioid abuse has had a substantial impact on the city. With the onset of the national Opioid epidemic, Alabama had the highest rate of prescription narcotics use in the US in 2010. That same year, 585 people died as a result of drug abuse. By 2015, 859 people alone were admitted for primary Heroin addictions in the state.

In 2012, a growing number of crimes, emergency department visits, and overdoses have involved Opioids like Heroin and Fentanyl.

It’s a crime issue, a public health issue. It’s a plague on society in general. It’s so extremely frustrating to see so many people overdose and so many people die, yet others are willing to experiment with a substance that will in all likelihood, at the very least, destroy lives and, in many cases, kill them.

- “Hoover

Due to the crackdown on prescription painkillers, large numbers of Birmingham-area residents turned to Heroin. Heroin’s affect on the body results in a complex physiological and psychological addiction that is incredibly hard to overcome. As such, of 248 overdose deaths in Birmingham’s Jefferson County in 2016, 205 involved Heroin or Fentanyl (or both). The following year, though Heroin and Fentanyl deaths fell by one or two cases, Cocaine and Methamphetamine-related deaths jumped by 7% and 60%, respectively.

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Rising Stimulant Abuse In Birmingham

Authorities believe the rising rates of Stimulant abuse can be attributed to polydrug use and the growing availability of purer forms of Meth and Cocaine. Additionally, these stimulants are being “cut” with cheap, synthetic Opioids like Fentanyl, contributing to overdose deaths with multiple drugs present in the body at the time of death.

Substance Abuse Statistics For Birmingham


meth-involved deaths

In 2016, 22 overdose deaths involved meth; the year before, only 5 deaths involved meth in the county.



Between 2015 and 2016, there was a 116.3% increase in fentanyl-related deaths in Jefferson County.


new HIV cases

In Alabama, 481 new cases of HIV were attributed to injection drug use.

Substance Abuse Treatment In Birmingham

For the many residents of Birmingham suffering from an Opioid addiction, successfully completing treatment can be extremely challenging. Doctors have likened the complexity of treating Opioid addiction to treating a traumatic brain injury. Furthermore, securing transportation to and from support group meetings and doctors’ appointments can be difficult for those without the financial means or family support. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or abuse, know that you are not alone. If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey but need more information about your drug or alcohol rehab options, contact a treatment provider today.



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University of Alabama at Birmingham

1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294

Counseling and Health Services

Birmingham Southern College

900 Arkadelphia Road
Birmingham, AL 35254

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Samford University

800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229

AA and NA Meetings in Birmingham

Name Address Fellowship Hours
Downtown 521 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
INST 1600 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Monday: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Hope Downtown 112 14th St N,Birmingham, AL 35203 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
INST 2130 11th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35234 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Monday: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
INST 1401 F L Shuttlesworth Dr, Birmingham, AL 35234 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
UAB Young Timers Spain Rehab, 1713 6th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Freedom 1016 19th St ,Birmingham, AL 35205 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Hope on Highlands 1910 12th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Sobriety First 961 Center St, Birmingham, AL 35204 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

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