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About Clean and Sober Recovery

The Clean & Sober system of care, located near Sacramento, California, offers a broad range of high caliber, affordable services to help people find recovery from substance use disorder. Our clients come from all walks of life. They share a common goal: long-term freedom from alcohol or other drugs.
Our system of care integrates support and services from Clean & Sober Recovery Services and Clean & Sober Transitional Living. We offer:
Intervention services, coordinated through a board-certified interventionist and family counselor who we’ve partnered with since 2008.
In-house detox, which we provide within our residential treatment home, creating a smooth transition to residential inpatient treatment.
Residential inpatient treatment at Clean & Sober Recovery Services for up to 24 adult males and females. Our counselors use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help residents identify and replace self-defeating thoughts and behaviors which may contribute to their substance use disorder. We also harness the power of the 12 Steps, and residents attend at least one 12 Step meeting every day. Our tranquil setting and full-time chef nourish body, mind and spirit.
Intensive outpatient treatment to people whose jobs or family commitments prevent residential inpatient treatment.

Clean & Sober Transitional Living offers recovery housing for up to 120 residents in 12 homes in the local community. Our recovery community is intentionally designed to help residents rebuild lives, reclaim life skills, avoid relapse and learn how to live without drugs or alcohol – all while living in a safe, affordable and supportive community. The Clean & Sober Transitional Living community has been cited by the Alcohol Research Group for applying best practices that support sustained recovery. Our affordable, all-inclusive pricing includes housing, meals and utilities for those in early recovery. Residents may choose to “step down” into housing where they prepare and provide their own food. Residents have lived at Clean & Sober Transitional Living anywhere from one month to 17 years. And coming soon – job and career resources, and more!

What sets us apart?
• Our treatment center and transitional living community are owned and run by individuals, not big business. We know each resident and care deeply about their sustained recovery.
• We’ve have a track record of success. Clean & Sober Transitional Living, opened in 1989, has seen over 6500 residents move through the community and back into successful lives of recovery. Clean & Sober Recovery Services has offered residential inpatient treatment since 2008.
• Our residential inpatient and outpatient programs accept people on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) whose treatment is supervised by their doctor. The residential and outpatient programs accept clients on Suboxone and Vivitrol. Clean & Sober Transitional Living allows Vivitrol as the only acceptable form of MAT in their recovery housing.
• We offer FREE family support to the community every Sunday, and the meetings are open to anyone who is concerned about someone’s drug and alcohol misuse.
• We have people’s best interests at heart. If we aren’t the right place for a potential client, we will help them find an alternative.


  • Full continuum of care ranging from interventions to sober living
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Healing of body, mind and spirit
  • Family programs
  • Aftercare/relapse prevention
  • Accepts patients who have supervised Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)


  • Full-time chef devoted to nutritional healing
  • Small-scale pastoral setting
  • Fitness/Swimming pool
  • Northern California’s oldest and largest recovery community
  • Peer accountability


  • 12-Step work
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Group process
  • Individual counseling
  • Relapse prevention

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