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Perhaps the most famous party town in America, New Orleans is synonymous with a raucous time. However, while some treat the city as a weekend getaway, there are many living there who must deal with the impact this culture has created; treatment centers nearby can help mitigate the fallout of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana has a rich history, culture, and blend of people. However, this is often eclipsed by the droves of college students and young people flocking to the city to have a memorable night of partying, drinking, and trouble. While this seems like a good time to many tourists, they are often blind to what is going on with respect to the people who live there; fortunately, for both visitors and long-term residents, inpatient and outpatient rehabs are available.

New Orleans is not only one of the biggest party cities, but is also one of the most violent. There is a vicious cycle of drug abuse, dealing, and taking over turf. Tragically, the trauma that young people go through in New Orleans actually makes them more likely to abuse drugs in the future.

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Heroin Has Killed More In New Orleans Than Ever Before

New Orleans is a city of indulgence to many. Naturally, with the growth of the Opioid epidemic, those indulgences have grown as well. The most common drug to cut with Fentanyl, Heroin, has been deemed “a public health crisis” by New Orleans Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse.

The presence of Fentanyl is actually a large reason for the current Opioid crisis our nation finds itself in. Dealers use the drug to cut with Heroin to keep costs down. However, their equipment is not accurate enough to measure the drugs out, so many who deal Fentanyl are selling people fatal doses. As Fentanyl, an Opioid 100 times stronger than Morphine, is becoming more prevalent, more people are dying from overdose.



365 people died of drug overdoses in New Orleans in 2020.


in the nation

Louisiana has ranked 10th in the nation for alcohol-related deaths.



Almost 40% of 2018 Louisiana overdose fatalities were Opioid-linked.

Drugs and Homicide, A Vicious Cycle In New Orleans

Children in New Orleans are around a lot of tragedy growing up. Excessive deaths from drugs, homicides, and accidental causes ring through the city. These experiences create adverse childhood experience (ACEs). These ACEs add up to a score and, though it isn’t an exact science, the higher this score, the more likely someone will turn to drug abuse or develop some kind of mental health disorder. This environment in New Orleans has caused a vacuum of children being sucked into the same life of drugs and violence.

Finding Help In New Orleans

While there are plenty of options for recovery in a city like New Orleans, traveling for rehab is also an option. Going through the same streets, meeting up with the same people, and even experiencing the same sounds and smells can may hinder your ability to fully immerse yourself in treatment.

If you or a loved one is battling addiction, there is hope. For more information, contact a treatment provider today.



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New Orleans Area Service Committee of NA PO Box 13801
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Xavier University of Louisiana

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University Counseling Center (UCC)

Loyola University New Orleans

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Tulane University of Louisiana


NOBTS Testing and Counseling Center

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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Southern University at New Orleans

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