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Rates of alcoholism and drug addiction are rising in Kansas City, Missouri, leaving thousands of local residents in desperate need of rehab services.

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    Drug Addiction and Rehab in Kansas City, Missouri

    Kansas City falls on the MissouriKansas border. Despite the name, a majority of its land and people fall on the Missouri side. Unfortunately, the Missouri side also deals with the majority of problems from drugs.

    More than 600,000 people live in Jackson County, where Kansas City is located, over 70% of which reside in the city itself. Like much of the United States, the city is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. With a strong presence of Mexican drug traffickers, however, Kansas City is also faced with a methamphetamine crisis.

    Between prescription and illicit opioids in Jackson County, there were 101 related deaths in 2016, the majority of which were concentrated within city limits.

    The Reach of the Mexican Drug War

    Presently, the nation is swept with the greatest drug epidemic in U.S. history. From East to West, many states and cities are battling the opioid crisis, and Kansas City is no different. Unregulated synthetic drugs are distributed on the streets, and the reach of international drug trafficking organizations, DTOs, is growing, especially Mexican cartels who transport huge amounts of cocaine, methamphetamines, and black tar heroin into the city.

    Methamphetamines in Kansas City

    While the amount of methamphetamine produced locally in metropolitan Jackson County has steadily fallen, an influx of meth still comes in from Mexican cartels. This meth is then distributed to local and international DTOs for redistribution. In December 2017, Kansas City reported the indictment of a DTO that ran a $5.4 million ring from January of 2015. They moved over 700 pounds of meth across the state. All things considered, the prevalence of methamphetamine abuse is only made possible by these external DTOs.

    Black Tar Heroin in Kansas City

    Pharmaceutical drugs are not the only opioids on the street. Kansas City is located only 12 hours away from the Mexican border, and Black Tar Heroin from that country dominates the local drug markets. Dealers typically carry this form of heroin in small amounts to ensure smaller charges if they are caught by law enforcement. This practice has become standard for the majority of dealers in Kansas City. What makes it even more dangerous, however, is the formation of a subculture of dealers and users. This strong network of people makes the drug more prevalent across Jackson County.

    Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids

    Marijuana is the most widely distributed and easily accessible drug in Jackson County and Kansas City. This is partially because Marijuana carries less stigma than other drugs like opioids, methamphetamines, and even benzodiazepines. However, while addiction is always a concern, there is a growing concern because many users are unable to distinguish between genuine marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids.

    Synthetic cannabinoids can look similar to processed marijuana, but it is actually plant material sprayed down with synthetic chemicals. These chemicals vary in potency from 200 to 500 times stronger than THC. Because users generally have absolutely no knowledge of what goes into these chemicals, they increase their risk and could consume anything from a stimulant to a hallucinogen. The most recent strain of synthetic Marijuana, commonly referred to as “K2” or “Spice,” has caused 3 deaths and over 100 hospitalizations since from January to March 2018 in Missouri.

    Finding Treatment in Kansas City

    Coming to terms with addiction can be isolating. The decision to get better often means giving up an old life and familiar faces and friends, to pursue a better one. The hardest step can be giving up the negative influences to pursue personal strength. In some cases, people find that going to a treatment center outside of their city, or even state, can help them shed their old life.

    If you, or someone you love, are battling addiction, consider looking for external help. There are dedicated treatment providers standing by to answer all of your questions. If you are looking for a treatment center near you, in a new place, or don’t know where to go, try reaching out today.

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      Government Programs

      Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

      KCMSCNAPO Box 410187
      Kansas City, MO 64110
      Kansas City Metro Service NAPO Box 410187
      Kansas City, MO 64110
      Northland AreaPO Box 25186
      Kansas City, MO 64119
      Area 39: Western Missouri8905 Holly St
      Kansas City, MO 64114
      West Central Missouri AreaPO Box 1293
      Lee’s Summit, Mo 64063

      College Programs

      Counseling Services

      Kansas City Art Institute

      KCAI has contracted psychological wellbeing professionals to satisfy with students’ on-campus throughout the tutorial year. Students’ emotional health is a priority to our campus community. Counselors meet with students weekly for an array of presenting considerations. This service is available to registered students at free of cost and is on a first come first served basis.

      4415 Warwick Blvd.
      Kansas City, MO 64111

      Alcohol and Drug Prevention

      University of Missouri-Kansas City

      UMKC is committed to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to the academic achievement of all. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is considered a disruption to this environment, posing significant health and emotional problems and adversely affecting the educational opportunities for all. It potentially jeopardizing campus safety and security and inhibits the personal and professional development of students and employees.

      4825 Troost Ave
      Kansas City, MO 64110

      Rockhurst University Counseling Center

      Rockhurst University

      The Rockhurst University Counseling Center provide counselling for students for a wide variety of issues including adjusting to college, managing stress and anxiety, dealing with depression, improving relationships with family or friends, changing behavior patterns, grief and loss issues, drug and alcohol use and eating disorders.

      1100 Rockhurst Rd
      Kansas City, MO

      Counseling Services

      Cleveland University-Kansas City

      The integral part of instructional responsibilities at Cleveland University-Kansas City is to provide special educational assistance to individuals or groups of students outside of formal classroom instruction. The counseling center of Cleveland University-Kansas City is to provide for the needs of students in personal, academic and professional areas. In co-operation with the Office of Student Services, the counseling network of Cleveland University-Kansas City functions. Under the direction of the course instructor Teaching assistants or qualified students also participate in providing educational assistance. Faculty should initiate discussion with students experiencing difficulty in their courses and also students should contact the appropriate faculty member(s) for assistance.

      10850 Lowell Ave
      Overland Park, KS 66210

      Counseling Services

      Avila University

      To help you navigate the challenges of life, Avila offers free and confidential counseling for all our students. Our goal is to assist students in making the most of their educational opportunities and enhance the quality of their lives. Personal problems and mental health concerns can get in the way of you achieving your potential. You will never be forced to talk about anything you don’t want to; however, you may be encouraged to examine unhealthy patterns and behaviours. In order to help you talk about your concerns and identify your goals for counselling the counselor will ask you questions during a counseling session.

      11901 Wornall Road
      Kansas City, MO 64145

      Counseling Services

      William Jewell College

      he aim of Counseling Services at William Jewell University is to provide college students with psychological services in secure, supportive surroundings. Students regularly seek remedy that allows you to handle more efficiently with intellectual health issues in addition to the multi-faceted demands of college life. For currently enrolled student services are free of cost. Visits to the workplace of Counseling Services and the contents of therapy sessions are set aside exclusive; but, information may be unconfined with college students’ written authorization or when college students pose a coming near threat of damage to self or others. These services are provided for the period of the fall and spring semesters classes are in session. In the duration of public holiday and the summer session (June – July), the workplace is closed and does not offer services but can provide referral for outside providers inside the Kansas City area.

      500 College Hill
      Liberty, MO 64068

      Student Services

      Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary


      15800 Calvary Rd
      Kansas City, MO 64147

      Counseling Center

      MidAmerica Nazarene University

      Both community MNU community and Kansas City community receive counseling services from MidAmerica Nazarene University. These services are liberal to all MNU students; associated charges are supported an income-based wage scale for Kansas City community members. We tend to utilize our 2nd year graduate counseling students as counselors.

      14201 S. Mur-Len
      Suite 201, Olathe, KS 66062

      Counseling Center

      University of Saint Mary

      A variety of challenges that affect both academic success and their enjoyment of their college years are faced by college students. USM Counseling Center offers confidential, individual and group counseling related to personal issues.

      4100 South 4th St
      Leavenworth, KS 66048

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