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Drug Rehabs in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, Nebraska, home to the University of Nebraska and thousands of students, supports its residents with addiction treatment and detox centers.

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Drug Abuse Trends In Lincoln

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, with 353,120 in the metropolitan Lincoln-Beatrice area. The rural region has faced issues with meth labs in the past, though Nebraska maintains some of the nation’s lowest drug-induced death rates. In 2013, it had the lowest percentage of drug overdoses in the country. Today, the most commonly abused substances in Lincoln are:

Substance Abuse Among College Students In Lincoln

Counting the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the city sustains a student population just under 30,000. However, student marijuana arrests are 4 times that of non-students in Lincoln. Half of the UNL population has reportedly tried marijuana, and 1 in 10 students report using it weekly. While marijuana addictions are uncommon, many students abuse other, more addictive illicit substances in concordance with marijuana. College student addictions from the abuse of stimulants like Adderall (a medication prescribed to those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD) has increased sharply. Students face equal rates of prescription medication addiction as those outside of school.

According to reports released by the CDC, Lincoln ranked as the 10th drunkest city in the US, with a third of its population having an alcohol use disorder in 2014. Among students, over 40% reported regular binge drinking. Binge drinking is characterized by 5 or more drinks in one sitting.

After the death of one of its fraternity members, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln took major steps toward curbing its rates of underage drinking and alcohol abuse among students. Rates of “blackout” drinking fell from 32% in 2012 to 22% in 2014. Party complaints also dropped by 50%.

Addiction Treatment In Lincoln

Part of the university’s factors in reducing rates of excessive drinking is its punitive alternatives. Instead of being sent to jail or a hospital, highly-intoxicated students have the option of being sent to a detox center (without a citation or fine) under administrative custody. Once there, patients start to receive detox care and substance abuse therapy. University addiction treatment services are also available for students.

For Lincoln residents, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides funds to various centers in the area so that residents may receive substance use treatment and detox services including:

There are also Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings for individuals to attend to maintain sobriety.

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