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As is the case with many of Nevada’s cities, Reno is experiencing major addiction-related problems. Luckily, there are many available rehab options.

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    Addiction and Rehab in Reno, Nevada

    Located in Washoe County, Reno is the third largest city in Nevada. Given its lesser population and popularity among tourists compared to Las Vegas, Reno may seem like its problems with substance wouldn’t be nearly as big. Residents of the city, however, are experiencing some of the biggest problems with substance abuse in the nation. Despite it having less than half the population of Las Vegas, Reno experiences the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in the state.

    Alcoholism in Reno

    Reno reports the highest percentage of adult binge drinkers across the state of Nevada. In 2015, 18 in every 100,000 residents died from alcohol-related causes. This could come from any use of alcohol be it overdose, drunk driving, or even untreated alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol was involved in one-third of fatal casualties from car accidents in 2015.

    Many like to rationalize, “I only had a beer or two. I’m fine.” Driving under the influence, however, is never fine. It wouldn’t be “under the influence” if one could make a rational decision on the matter. 18 out of 100,000 people die from a single lapse in judgement. Is it worth it? Don’t let alcohol control your life.

    Methamphetamine and Opioids Are on the Rise in Reno

    While alcohol is a legal drug that many in Reno are having trouble with, the use of the illicit methamphetamines and opioids are on the rise. The use of meth across the state of Nevada is greater than any other state in the US, while heroin, specifically Mexican black tar heroin, is in growing demand as well.

    289 people died in Nevada in 2017 from opioid use, the lowest number since 2006. This number, however, doesn’t distinguish between heroin and prescription opioids. This likely doesn’t represent a decrease in opioid use, but rather improvements in emergency treatments. Despite the recent reduction, opioid-related deaths still eclipse the deaths caused by methamphetamines. In 2017, 236 Nevada residents died of methamphetamine-related causes, an all-time high, and a number that has been climbing steadily since 2008. If these trends continue, Nevada, primarily due to the Reno area, will be the only state where more people are dying from methamphetamines than opioids.

    The Opioid Epidemic and Oxycodone

    Like the rest of the US, Reno is dealing with its own opioid epidemic, the primary issue being the trafficking of black tar heroin through the state. While fentanyl has started cropping up, the state of Nevada is not seeing very much of it as a whole. Rather, small drug trafficking organizations are moving their heroin through the state.

    Outside of black tar heroin and fentanyl, prescription oxycodone has been a leading cause of death in Reno. While this is partly because of the illegal dealing of prescription oxycodone, deaths have also come from overprescribing by doctors. Across Washoe county, where Reno is home to two-thirds of the population, there are 6.5 deaths out of every 100,000 people due to opioid overdose, principally heroin and oxycodone. A single doctor in Reno admitted to prescribing a patient 23,645 oxycodone pills over a span of six years. That comes out to ten 30mg tablets a day.

    Addiction Statistics in Reno


    death rate

    In 2015, 18 in every 100,000 people in Reno died from alcohol related causes.



    289 people died from Opioid overdoses in Washoe county in 2016.



    In Washoe county, 2016, 236 people died from Methamphetamine overdose.

    Find Help in Reno

    Living around temptation can be difficult when trying to get clean. Some trying to detox themselves, with no assistance, will often go through intense depression, anxiety, and other physical symptoms of withdrawal. The simple choice of checking into a recovery clinic will greatly increase chances of long-term recovery.

    If you are looking for help but don’t know where to start, try reaching out to a dedicated treatment specialist today. They are standing by to answer any questions you may have about taking the first steps towards recovery, whether it is for you or someone you love.

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