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Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers in Grand Forks, North Dakota, offer addiction treatment medications (like methadone) to ease withdrawal from Opioids or Alcohol.

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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a city of 52,838 people on the eastern border, about an hour north of Fargo. Grand Forks’ twin city, East Grand Forks, sits across the Red River in Minnesota. Their combined metro area is home to 98,461 people, the University of North Dakota, and an Air Force base. The majority of substance use issues in the area stem from alcohol abuse such as drunk driving deaths and assault. Moreover, alcohol contributed to a number of overdose deaths and continues to play a dangerous part in polydrug use.

Commonly abused substances in the Grand Forks area include:

Consequences Of Substance Abuse In Grand Forks

The consequences of substance abuse can affect nearly every aspect of life (social, professional, personal, et cetera). In 2021, there were over 40 overdose deaths in Grand Forks. After a spike in Fentanyl-related deaths in recent years, the city launched “Operation Denial” to curtail drug trafficking in the area. The following year, drug overdoses nearly doubled, prompting the city to allow the sale of anti-overdose medication, Naloxone, in pharmacies.

The hospital staff currently is seeing overdoses at record amounts right here in Grand Forks that no one ever hears about. Those incidents are occurring daily. And it’s scary when you know the numbers.

- unnamed police officer, FADED Fentanyl’s Impact, 2016

The Grand Forks metro area also suffers from high rates of alcohol abuse. In 2018, Grand Forks was named as the 8th “drunkest city” by USAToday. It was reported that 24.2% of adults in the city drink excessively. However, as DUI arrests have declined in recent years, 34% of fatal car wrecks in Grand Forks still involve a drunk driver.

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Addiction Statistics For Grand Forks



In 2018, 34% of driving deaths involved alcohol.



24% of adults in Grand Forks reported to drinking excessively.

11 per 100,000


There 11 overdoses per 100,000 North Dakota residents in 2019.

Addiction Treatment In Grand Forks

Grand Forks is among nine communities in the state to benefit from a State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis Grant. Funds are designated to preventing overdose deaths, building infrastructure for long-term recovery, and partnering with existing prevention efforts. Consequently, Grand Forks opened Methadone clinics around the city and allowed the sale of Narcan in pharmacies.

State Substance Use Disorder vouchers can be used by residents to obtain some addiction treatment services.

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