Drug Rehabs in Enid, OK

Enid, Oklahoma is a city grappling with rising alcohol and illicit drug addiction rates, especially involving methamphetamine. Luckily, there are multiple rehabilitation centers in Enid, and many specialize in the treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

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    Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Enid, Oklahoma

    Enid, Oklahoma is a bustling agricultural city located in the picturesque northwest region of the state; however, the area has a very serious underlying drug and mental health issue. Over the last decade, Oklahoma has had some of the highest rates in the country for both substance use disorders and mental illness. In 2016 alone, there were 952 overdose deaths due narcotics such as methamphetamine, heroin, and prescription opioids.

    Mental Illness and Alcohol Use

    An estimated 9,488 Garfield County adults experienced symptoms of “Any Mental Illness” over the past year. The number of people who are mentally ill in Garfield County has continued to steadily rise throughout the last few years, as have substance abuse indicators within the county. Enid ranks higher than the state and national average for both substance use and mental health disorders.

    Mental illness and alcohol use are particularly connected in Enid, as many individuals with poor mental health will turn to alcohol in an effort to “self-medicate.” Tragically, this often leads to the development of co-occurring disorders, where an individual has an addiction and a mental health condition at the same time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are diagnosed with mood disorders or anxiety are nearly twice as likely to have an alcohol use disorder compared to the general public.

    Alcohol is the number one abused substance in Enid. An estimated 30% of Garfield County residents receiving substance abuse treatment services are there due to alcohol abuse. Mental health conditions like depression can lead to binge drinking, a dangerous act of consuming excess amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. In 2018, 14.9% of Garfield County adults reported heavy drinking in the thirty days prior to the survey or binge drinking on at least one occasion during the period. It was identified in several of county assessments that there are limited treatment options for both severe mental illness and addiction issues; however, local officials are actively trying to change this with implementation of education programs and more affordable healthcare options.

    Meth Trafficking and Abuse in Enid

    According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, methamphetamine is the greatest illicit drug threat to Oklahoma, and particularly Enid. The use, trafficking, and distribution of meth is prevalent throughout the city and is evidenced by the high number of treatment admissions, fatal overdoses, and drug lab submittals by local law enforcement. A 2016 Real Clear Politics study revealed that Oklahoma ranks 9th out of the states with the most meth labs in the U.S. Although still prevalent in some areas of Enid, the domestic production of meth has decreased over the past few years due to stricter laws, enforcement efforts, and the increasingly availability and purity of Mexico-produced meth.

    Since the early 1990’s, some of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) operating in Mexico have established distribution channels in Oklahoma. They utilize Oklahoma’s close proximity to the Mexican border and Oklahoma’s highway system to traffic drugs across the United States. In recent years, Enid law enforcement has broken up methamphetamine distribution rings, both inside city limits as well as in other parts of Garfield County. There has been a significant drop in the wholesale price but a large increase in the level of purity, particularly as DTOs have perfected the movement of methamphetamine in solution (“liquid meth”) and the use of local conversion laboratories used to convert and “clean” liquid meth from liquid to crystal. As the drug has become cheaper and more available within the region, meth substance abuse rates have skyrocketed within Garfield County.

    Substance Abuse Statistics in Enid



    According to the 2017 Quality of Life Survey, 87% of Garfield County citizens believe Enid has a drug problem.



    More than 275,000 Oklahomans above the age of 12 abuse or are dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs.



    An estimated 776 youths in Garfield County meet criteria for needing substance abuse treatment.

    Finding Treatment in Enid

    Addiction does not have to control your life; there are multiple resources and facilities available to help those struggling with addiction. If you or a loved one is in dire need of healing from substance abuse in the Enid area, a treatment provider can help you find the best facility with your needs in mind. Don’t wait any longer, talk to a dedicated treatment provider today.

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