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Pierre, South Dakota, faces significant problems with substance abuse and mental health issues, but there are treatment centers and support groups to help nearby.

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Drug And Alcohol Addiction in Pierre, South Dakota

Pierre is the state capital of South Dakota and the main city in Hughes County. While Pierre has a small population of around 13,000 people, the city faces significant problems with substance abuse along with a mental health and suicide crisis. Methamphetamine is the most commonly abused illegal drug in Pierre and throughout South Dakota. Meth is cheaper and easier to acquire than most other drugs in South Dakota, and in 2016, there was a 50% increase in Meth-related arrests compared to 2014 in the state. Additional substances that are commonly abused in the area include alcohol, Heroin, and prescription Opioids.

For those seeking local treatment options for substance abuse, traveling for rehab may be a necessity. Because of the city’s small population, treatment options can be limited, but that doesn’t mean the road to recovery is unattainable. Multiple drug and alcohol rehabs can be found throughout the state and neighboring areas.

Opioid Abuse In Pierre

The Opioid crisis is also a major problem in Pierre as well, although fatal overdoses attributed to Opioids have been declining slightly in recent years. In 2016, 42 South Dakotans lost their lives after using at least 1 Opioid and suffering an overdose, which constitutes a rate of 5 Opioid deaths per 100,000 people. This rate is lower than the national rate in 2016 of 13.3 deaths per 100,000 people, but statistics only tell part of the story. Many people in Pierre are living with addiction to Opioids and Heroin, and they are in danger of succumbing to the extremely dangerous supply of Fentanyl and Fentanyl analogs which have invaded Hughes County.

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Mental Health And Suicide In Pierre

Pierre, South Dakota has experienced some very high rates of suicide in the past several years.  In 2016, 161 people fell victim to suicide. In 2015, suicide claimed the lives of 173 people in South Dakota, a harrowing record in the state’s history, and the suicide rate in South Dakota is significantly higher than the suicide rate for the entire country. The rates of suicide in South Dakota are especially high in Native American communities.

It is not clear why so many people in Pierre and South Dakota are suffering from suicidal depression. However, many experts believe that there is a connection between serious mental illness and substance abuse. The substance abuse problems in Pierre are likely correlated to the suicide crisis in South Dakota. Fortunately, people who are making progress toward recovering from drug and alcohol addiction often achieve better mental health overall.

Finding Help In Pierre

If you or someone you know in Pierre, South Dakota is struggling with addiction to Methamphetamine, Opioids, or any other substances, contact a treatment provider today. Pierre doesn’t have a very large population, and some Pierre residents who want to overcome substance abuse or depression may feel isolated and alone. However, there are many options for support for those who want to reclaim their lives from addiction.



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