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Lubbock Drug Rehab

Lubbock, also known as “Hub City,” has the outward appearance of a calm, drug-free city. However, it is a common stop for those trafficking drugs over the border. To combat this, Lubbock has rehabs and addiction treatment services to help those in need.

Addiction Treatment in Lubbock

Lubbock SkylineThe city of Lubbock, Texas, lies at the center of a metropolitan area known for conservative social values and thriving small businesses. Despite the city’s wholesome exterior, drug use and addiction still flourish throughout the community. Illicit drugs like crack and heroin are among the most popular drugs of abuse. Meth has also become widespread in Lubbock.

Lubbock is a common rehab destination for Texans living in more remote parts of the state. The city has inpatient drug rehabs, intensive outpatient programs and sober living communities to fit anyone’s budget.

As one of Texas’s most populated cities, Lubbock also has several Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups peppered throughout the city. You can find 12-step meetings any day of the week, a great option for those in ongoing recovery. If you need help starting your path to recovery, get help finding a rehab now.

Residential Drug Rehabs in Lubbock

Residential drug rehabs are the ideal option for those with severe addictions. The 24-hour care and structured routine keep residents focused on treatment and removed from temptation. Some of the top rehabs in Lubbock include:

The Ranch at Dove Tree

The Ranch at Dove Tree
At a Glance:

  • Cost: $$
  • Length of program: 30 days
  • Specialty: Private care

The treatment program at the Ranch at Dove Tree is part of a collaboration with Texas Tech University’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery.

Treatment combines a 12-step approach to addiction with evidence-based methods. Therapists here are also experts in addressing underlying behavioral problems, such as eating disorders and depression.

Dove Tree also offers supplemental therapies, including massage therapy, equine therapy, nutritional counseling and recreational activities. This rehab also has a program designed for college-aged men and women, which addresses the unique situations that accompany life at that age.

The residential program at Dove Tree is only a month long, but the rehab takes personal involvement in the transition to an independent, sober life. The transitional program offers 24-hour support, continued medication management and sober living houses where former addicts work together on building new, sober lives.

Managed Care Center

Managed Care Center
At a Glance:

  • Cost: $
  • Length of program: 30-90 days
  • Specialty: Dual diagnosis

The Managed Care Center is a well-rounded treatment center capable of treating people with any type of addiction or mental health condition.

Upon the resident’s entrance into the treatment program, the Managed Care Center assesses each individual to develop a personalized treatment plan and determine medical detox needs. Treatment involves a stringent routine consisting of individual and group counseling, educational sessions on drug abuse, meetings with a case manager, family support groups and recreational activities.

This rehab takes special care to ensure its residents have access to any resources they need to stay sober. This includes preparing each resident for discharge and giving referrals for maintenance medication or further counseling. The Managed Care Center accepts Medicaid and private insurance. The state offers funding for qualified individuals who are unable to afford treatment.

Should I Travel Outside Lubbock for Treatment?
There are some exceptional addiction treatment centers in Lubbock, but residents of the city may consider receiving treatment in a different location. Many people travel for rehab because it offers a chance to leave their old life, and bad influences, behind. Starting treatment fresh in a new town or city removes the distractions of your old environment. It also takes you away from people and places that could trigger a desire to use drugs or alcohol. The expense of travel is often minimal compared to the benefits of living a sober life. There are many reputable drug rehabs across the state of Texas and across the country.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Lubbock

Intensive outpatient care is a good option for people with mild addictions or those who have already finished inpatient treatment. Outpatient centers allow participants to maintain their daily obligations, such as school and work. Some outpatient addiction treatment options in Lubbock include:

Aspire Addiction Recovery

Aspire Addiction Recovery Center Aspire Addiction Recovery Center has an intensive outpatient program that centers on the 12 steps. The program also incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention.

The treatment methods at Aspire create a complete program that helps participants tackle the underlying behaviors of their addictions, teaching them to cope without drugs in stressful situations.

The intensive outpatient program is 10 hours per week, consisting of three sessions that last from 6pm to 9pm and one scheduled individual counseling appointment.

Aspire also has a weekly family component to treatment and sober living options. Sober living allows people to live under the same roof as other people in recovery while continuing treatment. Sober living houses help many recovering addicts make a gradual transition into a fully independent and drug-free life.

Aspire accepts several forms of insurance and offers payment plans to those who need help financing treatment.

Stages of Recovery, Inc.

Stages of Recovery Addiction ServicesStages of Recovery is an addiction treatment organization based in Lubbock that offers intensive outpatient and sober living services.

This organization also offers recovery coaching to help clients stay on a sober path.

A recovering addict founded Stages of Recovery because of a desire to help others. Many of the staff here have faced their own battles with addiction, but now turn their focus toward helping others get and stay sober.

The intensive outpatient program at this rehab is designed for those who do not need medical detox. The program provides group and individual therapy that helps clients learn skills to function without drugs or alcohol. Those in Stages of Recovery’s outpatient program can either live at home or in a sober living community.

Stages of Recovery started as a sober living community known as The Door. The Door has men’s and women’s facilities complete with all the amenities of a fully furnished apartment. The benefit of continuing recovery in this setting is the accountability and support provided by the other recovering addicts living in the complex. Members of the sober living community continue meeting with a case manager during the length of their stay.

Addiction Treatment Services in Lubbock

Residents of Lubbock can take advantage of substance abuse services provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Each county in the state, including Lubbock, has centers that provide screenings and assessments of drug addicted individuals.

 Doctor's officeThese people are then placed in programs at supported treatment centers. Treatment is covered by Medicare/Medicaid or private health insurance, but no one is denied treatment based on an inability to pay.

There are also two narcotics treatment clinics in the city of Lubbock. These clinics help people addicted to opiates (like heroin and narcotic painkillers) stay sober by offering medication such as methadone or buprenorphine. These medications stifle drug cravings and reduce painful opiate withdrawal symptoms.

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Whether you’re looking for a residential drug rehab or a sober living community, you can find addiction treatment in Lubbock. Our treatment specialists can help you find a treatment center that fits your budget in Lubbock. They can also discuss your treatment options outside the city if you’re looking to travel. Call one of our specialists now to get help finding a rehab.

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