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Pasadena, Texas shares many of the addiction issues that plague the Greater Houston area. Luckily, there are many treatment options available.

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    Drug and Alcohol Issues in Pasadena, Texas

    Pasadena, Texas, located in Harris County, endures many problems with drug abuse. Like much of Texas, and the United States, Pasadena’s drug history includes meth, cocaine, and more recently, opioids. Most notably, prescription opioids and illicit opioids are common in Pasadena. Both are often linked as people who abuse prescription drugs develop a tolerance to opioids and transition to illicit opioids like heroin or fentanyl.

    Stimulants like crack cocaine and powdered cocaine are still common in Pasadena and surrounding cities like Houston. Before meth abuse became more common in Texas cities, crack cocaine remained the most threatening drug in the greater Houston area. This is largely due to its proximity to Mexico, where much of the supply comes from.

    Pasadena’s Battle with Prescription Opioids

    In 2016, Pasadena lost 311 people battling with an opioid use disorder. The majority of these overdoses were directly linked to prescription opioids for various health conditions. In response, Pasadena police have had to arm themselves with “264 doses of Narcan,” the spray used to save the lives of those who abusing opioids.

    In 2017, Texas as a whole witnessed 2,989 drug-related deaths, and 53.1 people per 100 people were prescribed opioids in that same year. The national average was 58.7 people dying due to overdosing on prescribed opioids. Out of these startling numbers, Harris County lost 536 people to prescription opioids, with 11.5 deaths via drugs. At that same time, 3.91% of the Harris County population used pain relieving medication in a recreational manner.

    Pasadena Meth Abuse

    Harris County has endured increases in meth use and meth overdoses. Meth overdoses increased from 20 cases in 2013 to nearly 70 by 2016. Recent headlines of a 4-year old boy exposed to meth found in closet shocked many, as his parents used and cooked meth in the home. This isn’t just a problem in Harris County; the city of Houston also struggled with meth abuse. 31% of people abused meth in Houston, and 577 Texans overdosed on meth in 2016.

    Consider Staging an Intervention

    Staging an intervention is useful for people struggling with substance abuse, Family members and friends may find this route extremely helpful if the person with a substance abuse disorders denies they have a problem. If they feel their problem is not serious enough to require rehab, allowing them to come to terms in a safe space may be needed. Interventions require the individual struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependence and abuse, friends or family, and an intervention specialist.

    All present friends and family members should be gentle and non-judgmental in their approach as it lowers defenses. Additionally, they should remember that the individual with a substance use disorder may express a variety of intense emotions. For instance, the individual struggling with an opioid use disorder may lie, express shame, and blameshift to protect one’s ego. Here, the family member can listen and not internalize any of the emotions present. The specialist is there to guide the intervention and provide support when necessary.

    Make the Call Today

    Taking action is the best way to be proactive about a substance abuse disorder. Holding back because of fear will only prolong the severity of a substance abuse disorder. Fear will leave you or a loved one paralyzed and trapped in a cycle of abuse. Treatment offers the best method of care available. Patients at quality rehab centers get the best medication and therapy to restore the brain’s composition to its healthiest state and prevent extremely discomforting symptoms of withdrawal that keep some people dependent. Patients would have the care and supervision of all the right people and support in and out of rehab. Your journey to recovery starts with a call. Contact a treatment professional today.

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      Government Programs

      Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

      Houston Area ServicePO BOX 3561
      HOUSTON, TX 77253
      713- 661-4200
      Southeast Texas Area of Alcoholics AnonymousP. O. Box 130433
      Houston, Texas 77219-0433

      College Programs

      Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

      University of Houston

      CAPS grasps the conviction that students’ emotional wellness is a crucial part of their academic, expert, and individual achievement. CAPS will extend attention to and access to psychological well-being services keeping in mind the end goal to emphatically affect the passionate prosperity of the campus community, upgrade help-chasing practices, and successfully help students to wind up plainly connected with global citizens.

      TX 77204

      UCC Drug Services

      Texas Southern University

      The UCC seeks to provide counseling and support, crisis intervention, grief counseling, outreach, and referral services to TSU students. To help students enhance their academic and personal well-being is the mission of the University Counseling Center (UCC). We seek to promote an environment of inclusion and personal development. We also offer consultation, education, training, and prevention strategies to faculty, staff, and the university community.

      3100 Cleburne St
      Houston, TX 77004

      Student Counseling Services

      University of Houston-Downtown

      To help you maximize your mental health and effectiveness at home, school or work we have designed the Student Counseling Program. You receive confidential, personal support for a wide range of issues, from everyday concerns to serious problems through this program. You have access to contact us via online and can also receive crisis support over the phone or schedule an appointment with us. We can help in case you want advice about a relationship, need to talk to someone about drug use, or are simply feeling overwhelmed by school life.

      One Main Street
      Suite S445, Houston, TX 77002-1001

      Lee College Counseling Center

      Lee College

      Lee College is devoted to providing class education and services to any or all of the scholars who are currently listed. It employs a college personal of skilled counselors and advisors whose key tasks embrace serving to students in choosing courses during which they’ll succeed which result in the belief of their academic and career objective. Students who are having issue with categories, with student services, with some other students, or are considering retreating from the college for alternative reasons are insist on to talk with a counselor or consultant before dropping a category or failing to attend categories on a daily basis.

      200 Lee Dr
      Baytown, TX 77520

      Counseling Services

      Houston Baptist University

      Our psychological science majors take preliminary, tactic, and advanced courses. The program sets high and clear expectations. And there’s a capstone skill that helps you integrate all of them along. Our psychological science minors will tailor their learning through electives to enrich your chosen major.

      7502 Fondren Rd
      Houston, TX 77074

      Student Services

      Remington College-Houston Campus

      Rather than employing a licensed counselor the campus maintain a resource guide which is located in the student resource center that have agenicies who assist students to cope up and who are in abusive relationships or have a drug dependency by providing them best counseling services. Also a copy of resource guide can be acquired by the librarian

      11310 Greens Crossing Boulevard
      Suite 300, Houston, TX 77067

      Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

      MIAT College of Technology

      Student Services staff provides recommendation for personal counseling. This consists of referrals to treatment, drug abuse resources or rehabilitation. The student services department maintains the resources list, contact information and publications to support organizations.

      533 Northpark Central Drive
      Houston, Texas 77073

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