Using Coventry Insurance To Pay For Addiction Treatment

In the United States, more than 23 million adults (10% of the population) have struggled with problematic drug use at one point in their lifetime. Out of millions that have suffered from drug use or addiction, only 25% of people received treatment for their drug use. This may be because of inaccessibility to services or lack of health care coverage.  There are numerous other reasons that individuals who may need treatment do not seek help. These include:

  • Denial that they have a problem
  • Feeling they can handle the problem on their own
  • Fear of stigma surrounding addiction
  • Lack of transportation
  • Fear of negative effects on job

Fortunately, some insurance plans like Coventry insurance offer coverage for substance abuse treatment and other treatment options. To find which treatment facilities accept Coventry or additional insurance providers, click here for a directory of rehabs near you or throughout the country.

Aetna Vs. Coventry

In 2013, Coventry was bought out by Aetna, and members with policies under Coventry were absorbed by Aetna. While Aetna and Coventry have different websites, and some policies may still be listed as “Coventry,” they’re effectively the same company with the same plan offerings.

Treatment Covered By Aetna Insurance

Aetna has many programs available to help their policy holders get the treatment they need. The Continuing Care program allows members to meet weekly to speak with the alumni of different treatment programs. Aetna will also occasionally organize social events to celebrate recovery. Their support of addiction treatment continues to help patients find success on their own recovery paths.

Aetna insurance varies greatly depending on the policy that the person holds. To be certain about what Aetna covers, contacting their customer service team is the best way to find out exactly what they cover in terms of inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. Read more about Aetna’s addiction treatment coverage here. To speak with a treatment provider to check your coverage, click here for free and confidential assistance.

Other Ways To Pay For Treatment

Depending on the policy the member chose when they signed up for coverage, insurance won’t cover the entire cost of a treatment program. However, there are many other options for those who can’t afford to pay out of pocket, including:

  • Treatment center specific scholarships and grants
  • Government scholarships and grants
  • Personal loans
  • Family assistance

Finding In-Network Treatment

When looking for affordable treatment options, it’s important to choose a facility that is in-network. Not all of Aetna’s plans require that providers be in network, but out-of-network facilities may cost more out of pocket. If a provider is out-of-network, pre-certification may be required by Aetna.

When you’re ready to find treatment, contact Coventry/Aetna to discuss your coverage options. To find a treatment facility, contact a treatment provider today.