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    Once you decide to take your life back from alcohol addiction, your possibilities for treatment are nearly endless. There are many high-quality treatment centers across the United States that can help you get back on your feet if you’re struggling with addiction.

    Highlighted here are some of the most well-known treatment centers in the country. This is just a sampling of the many options available to you. Based on where you live and your specific needs, you can find a rehabilitation center that will help you make a full recovery.

    1. Betty Ford Center

    Rancho Mirage, California

    One of the most respected drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country, the not-for-profit Betty Ford Center was founded in 1982 to help break the stigma of women with addiction and encourage everyone to get help—regardless of gender or social status. The main campus is based in Rancho Mirage, California. It offers both inpatient and intensive outpatient treatments. Recognizing that everyone is impacted by addiction in different ways, the Betty Ford Center provides gender-specific treatments while encouraging and promoting healing for the whole family.

    2. Hazelden

    Center City, Minnesota

    Founded in 1949, Hazelden is one of the oldest and largest not-for-profit alcohol treatment centers in the United States. Although it started in a Minnesota farmhouse, Hazelden has expanded its reach with locations in New York, Florida, the Northwest and beyond. Using scientific, evidence-based treatment plans, Hazelden recognizes the need to focus on life after rehab. The center provides 18 months of free support to patients once they complete treatment to encourage continued recovery.

    3. Caron

    Wernersville, Pennsylvania

    The Pennsylvania-based Caron Treatment Centers is a family of rehabilitation and long-term counseling centers. There are locations throughout the United States. Caron offers treatment programs that work hand-in-hand with research organizations, such as the University of Pennsylvania and Treatment Research Institute. They continually seek out innovative ideas and effective treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. Caron also offers personal growth workshops and a student assistance program to reach members of the community when and where they need it.

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    4. Keys

    Jensen Beach, Florida

    Hailed as a “holistic approach to sobriety,” the treatment program at 12 Keys Rehab is heavy on mental and emotional health. The southern Florida property offers a safe, comfortable medical detoxification as a precursor to treatment. They offer a customized treatment plan and a large staff of addiction counselors, mental and behavioral health therapists, and trauma specialists. The facility specializes in helping people overcome the first hurdle and enter a lifetime of recovery.

    5. Origins Recovery Centers

    South Padre Island, Texas

    Origins Recovery Centers is a Texas-based rehabilitation community providing comprehensive treatment for alcoholism and other addictions—including co-occurring dependencies and disorders. At Origins, programs range from 30 to 90 days and treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs. The center prides itself on its low staff-to-patient ratio, which it sees as integral to providing a higher level of care. Patients find healing in every aspect of their life, through life skills training, fitness activities and nutrition-based meal plans. After treatment, Origins offers a treatment step-down program. This helps patients successfully reintegrate into their lives and avoid the grasps of relapse.

    6. Seabrook House

    South Padre Island, Texas

    The Seabrook House is a private, inpatient alcoholism detox treatment center in New Jersey with an extended-care facility in Pennsylvania. The Northeast locations make it easier for patients in those areas to seek treatment and successfully reintegrate into society. Seabrook encourages patients to find healing through traditional and natural means. This includes acupuncture, reflexology, meditation and yoga. By helping patients re-learn life skills and successfully manage their stress and personal issues without the use of alcohol, the staff at Seabrook House helps patients attain a successful recovery.

    7. The Ranch

    Nunnelly, Tennessee

    The Ranch has a unique approach to addiction recovery. They provide a hands-on treatment program that enables patients to find fulfillment in nature. Located in Tennessee, The Ranch provides the tools needed to find individual recovery, both physical and spiritual. This somewhat nontraditional rehab experience encourages patients to explore nature through hiking, fishing, canoeing, bonfires, and the increasingly popular equine therapy.

    8. Harmony Place (Women only)

    Woodland Hills, California

    Recognizing that men and women are fundamentally different—and therefore need unique treatment—is the underlying philosophy at Harmony Place. Helping women fight through their addictions by first understanding their complex psychological and emotional make-up, Harmony Place is a safe haven for women who are struggling with an addiction at any stage. With personalized programs and a respectful, compassionate staff, Harmony Place’s 30-day California treatment facility helps women find the support to overcome their alcoholism.

    9. Cirque Lodge

    Orem, Utah

    Set in the mountains of Utah, Cirque Lodge takes advantage of the beauty around it to aid in the recovery process for those overcoming alcoholism. Cirque Lodge’s small campus specializes in individual treatment and therapies proven to be effective. Patients will find experiential programs that help them reconnect with their minds and bodies, finding new ways to overcome their addiction through their own strengths and abilities.

    10. Sierra Tucson

    Sierra Tucson, Arizona

    Arizona-based rehab center Sierra Tucson has been helping people overcome alcohol and drug addictions since 1983. The physician-led team provides a targeted approach to treatment that seeks out the underlying cause of the addiction. By helping patients understand the origin of their disorder, they are more empowered to overcome it. Set in a peaceful mountain environment, Sierra Tucson encourages patients to experience healing in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction and is ready to find treatment, let us help you find a rehabilitation center that can change your life.

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