How Treatment Centers are Chosen

Treatment centers are included based on their reputation, accreditations, success rates and overall ability to help our audience. We’ve started with distinguished national centers as well as those centers that have worked with us to provide information and assurance of quality. Our list is small but growing, and we’re taking our time in choosing and reviewing because we want to be sure we trust the centers we include.

How Treatment Centers are Reviewed

Treatment center reviews are based on original research, interviews, public information and experiences of past residents. Addiction Center’s constantly growing database of treatment centers includes facilities across the United States with wide-ranging specialties and costs of attendance. The goal of this list is to provide accessible options for all users.

Factors considered for representation include:

  • News and reviews
  • Experience of staff
  • Success rates
  • Treatments available
  • Overall ambience
  • Resident experience

The Role of the Treatment Centers

Treatment centers are independently evaluated, and centers are only contacted to ensure accuracy of information. No treatment center may change or influence reviews for any reason except in the event of factual errors. Addiction Center offers all collected information in good faith to educate and inform.

Partnering with us

Entering into a contract with a marketing provider who agrees to generate referrals or leads for the placement of patients with a service provider or in a recovery residence through a call center or a web-based presence, unless the service provider or the operator of the recovery residence discloses the following to the prospective patient so that the patient can make an informed health care decision:

1. Information about the specific licensed service providers or recovery residences that are represented by the marketing provider and pay a fee to the marketing provider, including the identity of such service providers or recovery residences; and

2. Clear and concise instructions that allow the prospective patient to easily access lists of licensed service providers and recovery residences on the department website.