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Drug Rehab Centers

No matter where you live, there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. We can help you find a treatment center based on your location, budget and specific needs and get you started immediately.

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Sovereign Health Group

Treatment Beyond the Surface

San Clemente, CA
30-90 Days
Length of Program
Treatment For: Alcohol, Cocaine,  and more.
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Self-Sufficiency, Recovery and a Dash of Adventure

Flagstaff, AZ
6 months
Length of Program
Treatment For: Alcohol, Marijuana,  and more.
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Passages Malibu

Unconventional Deluxe Luxury Rehab

Malibu, CA
30 days
Length of Program
Treatment For: Alcohol, Cocaine,  and more.
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Alcohol Addiction

Over 17 million Americans struggle with an alcohol problem. If you are one of them, there is help available. Learn more about this common addiction and how to become sober.

Signs of Alcoholism

Worried someone you care about is struggling with an alcohol problem? Warning signs of alcohol addiction include frequent binge drinking and blacking out.

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Drinking Self-Assessment

Find out if your drinking is out of control. Take our 20-question quiz to see if you’re at risk of developing alcoholism.

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High-Functioning Alcoholics

Many professional adults, including doctors, lawyers and CEOs struggle with alcohol problems. Learn if you’re a high-functioning alcoholic and find out how to get help.

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Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Quitting drinking can be difficult and may require medical supervision. Find out how to safely and effectively detox from alcohol and learn how alcoholics can overcome their addiction.

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Most Common Addictions

There are many drugs being abused in America, all with specific treatment options to help with recovery. Some of the most common drug addictions include:

Is your addiction not listed here? See a list of the most common drug addictions in the U.S.

College Drug Addictions & Teenage Drug Abuse

Teens and young adults are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol than their older peers. Understand the challenges America’s youth are facing to help prevent future addictions.

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For College Students

College Drug & Alcohol Abuse

College students aged 18-24 face unique pressures that can lead them to abuse alcohol and drugs.

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Binge Drinking

More than 40 percent of college students binge drink. This can lead to immediate and long-term health effects including liver damage, being victims of sexual assault and death.

Prescription Study Aids

Many students facing a heavy course load turn to prescription drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin to help them stay awake to study. Abuse of these drugs can cause side effects such as anxiety, aggression and hallucinations.

Drug Use in Greek Life

Students in fraternities and sororities are significantly more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs than those not in the Greek system. Social pressures, group living and hazing rituals can all lead to higher rates of substance abuse.

For Teenagers

Teenage Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Teenagers (aged 13-17) often don’t understand the lasting negative consequences of abusing drugs like marijuana, ecstasy and inhalants.

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Underage Drinking

People who start drinking before the age of 21 are more likely to develop alcohol problems later in life. Despite this, 10 million American teens drink alcohol without knowing the consequences.

Health Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

Teens who abuse drugs often experience problems with memory, learning and feeling pleasure. Teens who drink may have liver damage and delayed puberty.

Preventing Teen Drug Abuse

The best way to keep a teenager off drugs is to show them why they shoul d never start. Parents can help their teens by using open communication and setting healthy examples.

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