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Mental Health In Prison

Hannah Zwemer ❘

Researchers are investigating ways to better support inmates in American prison systems where there are high rates of mental illness.

Episode 36 – Codependency And Addiction

Dr. Ashish Bhatt ❘

Codependent relationships are often seen in those with addiction and their loved ones. Dr. Bhatt, MD describes the signs to look out.

Men And Mental Health Stigma

Carmen McCrackin ❘

While open discussions about mental health have grown over the years, oftentimes men are barred from joining the conversation due to stigma.

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Survivor Stories

See Jerry’s Story

Watch Jerry Lawson explain how he transformed his life from being mired in the pit of addiction to helping others make a difference as a treatment professional.

Bachelorette Contestant Zac Clark Shares Story Of Addiction

Bachelorette contestant Zac Clark opened up about his story of addiction and recovery, and how it has influenced the trajectory of his life.

John Mulaney On Intervention And Life After Rehab

John Mulaney spoke about the intervention that led to his treatment and his life and new relationships after rehab.

Latest Addiction News

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Reenters Rehab

Carmen McCrackin ❘

After nearly a decade of sobriety, Steven Tyler has reentered rehab after relapsing on prescription pain medication.

Mental Health Hotline For Mothers

Carmen McCrackin ❘

Launched on Mother's Day, the Maternal Mental Health hotline is now available for new and expectant mothers facing mental health challenges.

Naomi Judd Dies From Suicide At 76

Hannah Zwemer ❘

Mental health advocate and country music star Naomi Judd dies by suicide, right before the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month.

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