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Questions About Rehab

Get the answers to everything you’ve wondered about starting an addiction treatment program.

What Do I Need to Know?

QuestionsNot all rehabs are created equally, so it’s wise to do your research before you leave. For instance, some rehabs allow coffee and cigarettes while others don’t, and most rehabs provide all daily necessities for its residents.

Entering rehab is a huge life change for someone struggling with addiction, but this journey doesn’t have to be confusing or intimidating. Find the rehab and recovery information you need below.

  • What can I bring into treatment?

    Each treatment center has its own list of items permitted (and prohibited) in treatment. You should definitely contact treatment center personnel to learn what can and cannot be brought into recovery.

    A bag packed for rehab should contain appropriate clothing, hygiene products and toiletries, a journal or stationary, and an ID/passport.

    Most treatment centers provide bed linens, three daily meals, snacks and beverages for you.

    Commonly prohibited items include drugs and alcohol, electronic devices like cell phones, personal computers, weapons, inappropriate clothing (t-shirts depicting drug use, alcohol use or offensive language, etc.), any cosmetic products containing alcohol and any aerosol products.

    Movies, CDs, tapes, recording devices, video or card games and any reading materials not related to self-help and recovery are typically prohibited, as well.

  • Is my addiction bad enough?

    If you’re questioning whether you should enter rehab, then it’s time to look at treatment options.

    It’s a myth that someone needs to “hit rock bottom” — to lose their job, their family and friends — before beginning addiction treatment.

    You don’t need to lose everything for addiction to wreck your life and the people you love. The right time to enter treatment and begin beating addiction is as soon as you recognize a problem.

  • Can I do it on my own?

    You should always have some sort of professional help when recovering from addiction. Medically supervised detox and rehab programs help reduce painful withdrawal symptoms.

    In some cases, detoxing without medical assistance can be lethal.

    While deciding to do an inpatient or outpatient drug detox is your choice, battling addiction takes more than desire and willpower. The support supervised recovery program provide greatly reduces the odds of relapse later on. Seeking professional help to overcome an addiction is always recommended.

  • Should I travel for rehab?

    There are treatment centers where you live and across the country to help you beat addiction. That being said, leaving your immediate environment for rehab can provide a much-needed change of scenery to match your change in lifestyle.

    Local treatment centers can provide great care, but traveling for rehab can help you get the most out of recovery.
  • How do I choose a treatment center?

    Many factors can impact which addiction treatment center you choose.

    Cost, location, staff experience and social environment are all important to consider.

    Not every recovery program accepts insurance or offers reduced payment plans; take this into consideration before enrolling in treatment. Finding a treatment center that specializes in treating your addiction is crucial, as well.

Find the Right Fit for Recovery

Once you’ve learned everything you need in an addiction recovery program, the next step is contacting a treatment center. Inpatient and outpatient drug rehabs can help you get sober and avoid relapse.

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