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Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, has the fifth most drug-related activity in the United States. As a whole, Pennsylvania was among 20 states with a higher rate of fatal overdoses. Philadelphia County has had the second highest drug-use rate of Pennsylvania’s 44 counties. But those who struggle with addiction, or have a loved one who has a problematic relationship with drugs and/or alcohol, can seek help at local treatment centers.

Drug Addiction In Philadelphia

In Philadelphia in 2019, 1,150 people died in ways that were related to Opioids. Factors contributing to the Opioid crisis stem from healthcare providers who overprescribe Opioids, such as Oxycodone, to patients.

Heroin and Cocaine are easily accessible in Philadelphia and have increased in use. The area of Kensington, in particular, is home to a large population of Heroin abusers. Kensington attracts people from other cities in Pennsylvania as well as people from other states to begin or support their habit. Many are attracted by rumors that Kensington has high-quality Heroin available at cheap prices, but in fact the drug supply in this area is little different than what is found elsewhere in the region.

Fentanyl use is becoming more widespread. Tragically, the drug is often found in people who have overdosed on Cocaine and Heroin. It is common for dealers to mix their product with Fentanyl, creating more powerful effects and much greater risk. A report suggested 64% of drug-related fatalities in Philadelphia County were Fentanyl-related.

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Gender And Substance Abuse In Philadelphia

Although the majority of drug-related deaths in Philadelphia happen to males, increasing numbers of the city’s women are falling victim to the trap of addiction. Drug use and sex work can go hand-in-hand in Philadelphia; some women get involved in sex work to support their habit, putting them at heightened risk of sexual violence and trauma (especially given the current illegality of the practice). An area of special concern is pregnancy. Unfortunately, some women experience pregnancy while they are addicted to Opioids, Alcohol, and many other substances, and give birth to babies who are chemically dependent or suffer from a variety of birth defects as a consequence.

Rehab For Drug Addiction In Philadelphia

Fortunately, Philadelphia residents struggling with addiction can find hope by entering rehab. Those looking for treatment can stay local for rehab in order to have the support of friends and family members. They may also choose to travel to remove themselves from familiar environmental stressors and triggers.

Inpatient rehab facilities are the most intensive and have the most hands-on support. Patients enter a facility, connect with staff, are safely away from the temptation to use drugs. Facilities also give patients access to medication to reduce substance cravings while encouraging spiritual healing. After patients go through detox, they learn techniques such as meditation to create calming mind-body experiences and gain opportunities to connect with peers.

Outpatient rehab is another option for rehab. Outpatient rehab centers typically offer weekly treatment sessions, flexible payment options, and counseling. Outpatient rehab allows patients to gain treatment while balancing responsibilities of everyday life. Day programs allow those in recovery to meet 5 to 7 days a week and get involved in ongoing therapy, such as music and art therapy.

Finding Help Today

If you are suffering with addiction, treatment providers may be able to help you explore your options. Multiple rehabs are available, and there may be some that meet your needs more effectively than others. There’s no reason not to try every appropriate treatment modality that is at your disposal. Don’t wait. Contact a treatment provider today.

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