Michael Muldoon

Mike, a Pennsylvania native and recent Florida transplant, has always enjoyed communicating with and learning about people. Throughout his years at Penn State, he pursued many different topics, taking interest in astronomy, earth science, creative writing, and more. At school he also continued his musicianship with the Penn State Marching Band, performing in Beaver Stadium in front of 107,000 seats.

He leaped at the opportunity to use the skills he honed throughout his education to help those struggling with addiction. As part of the Recovery Worldwide content writing team, he hopes to help shed light on important topics left out of the conversation surrounding addiction and mental health.

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Getting On Your Nerves (Literally): How Opioids Work

Michael Muldoon ❘

Opioids interact with many parts of the body, from single nerve cell receptors to the entire brain, but how exactly do opioids work?