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Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware. Naturally, that means it also attracts the greatest amount of trouble. Especially when it comes to drug trafficking and overdosing.

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Addiction in Wilmington

The people of Wilmington, Delaware, are currently losing a battle against synthetic opioids. Not all of these are coming from Delaware, however. In fact, much of the drugs that are responsible for Wilmington’s crisis are coming from overseas. Still, the city faces a battle that is one of the worst in the country. 2015 alone saw 768,974 new prescriptions written for opioids pain relievers, (OPRs). That comes out to 80 prescriptions for every 100 people in Delaware.

Despite the growing awareness of the dangers of opioids, more people are dying across New Castle County and creating one of the top ten death-rates in the nation.

Heroin, Fentanyl, and Pills in Wilmington

Local law enforcement in Wilmington aren’t just battling local dealers. Multiple federal agencies must watch the Port of Wilmington for heroin, fentanyl, and fake prescription pills coming from overseas. A recent inspection in 2018 found fentanyl-laced heroin and marijuana coming into the city. Another search, in 2016, resulted in the raiding of a home in New Castle County that had 49,969 Schedule II and IV substances. That includes prescription opioids and benzodiazepines.

Authorities in Wilmington warn that any drug bought illicitly, whether it is prescription or synthetic, could potentially contain fentanyl. For that reason, it is more dangerous than ever to use any kind of drug, and people who are looking to recover should find help immediately. Fentanyl is so potent that all it takes is 3 milligrams for a lethal overdose.

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Overdose in Wilmington

Wilmington, with the greatest population in Delaware, has seen a large share of the overdose deaths in the state. Across New Castle County, emergency services are sent to help someone who is overdosing every 80 minutes. That makes 18 people a day and doesn’t include situations where 911 isn’t called. Between January to the beginning of November, paramedics in New Castle County administered naloxone to almost 600 people, not including the circumstances where the person overdosing needed multiple doses to be successfully revived.

From July of 2016 to September of 2017, Delaware emergency rooms saw a 105% increase in admissions from an opioid overdose. That increase resulted in a total of 2,075 emergency room visits across the state. Of those, 1,529 visits happened in New Castle County.

In 2017, deaths from overdoses rose by nearly 37%, from 182 to 249. Of that 249 deaths, a massive 141 involved fentanyl, making it one of the worst fentanyl problems in the country. Much of that is due to the proximity to the port, and also the amount of fentanyl-laced heroin. 101 deaths in 2017 also involved heroin. The two numbers are not exclusive of each other, so it is likely that there was overlap between the two drugs.



In 2017, 249 individuals died of overdose in New Castle County, Delaware.



Of the 249 total deaths in New Castle County, 141 of them involved fentanyl.



There was a climb in overdose deaths of 37% from 2016 to 2017 in New Castle County.

Treatment in Wilmington

If you or someone you love suffer from addiction, finding the right place to get help is often the first step to recovery. However, when the area that the person is living in is small and full of temptation, it can be hard to figure out where that is. If you’re not sure where to look, try reaching out to a dedicated treatment provider. They are available to guide you through the process of finding the treatment center for you or your loved one.

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Government Programs

Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

Small Wonder AreaPO Box 5429
Wilmington, DE 19808
Clean Acres Area Service NA46 West Lancaster Ave
Downingtown, PA.
Unity Is A Must AreaP.O.Box 718
Glassboro, N.J. 08028
South Philadelphia AreaPO Box 3863
Philadelphia, PA 19146

College Programs

Counseling Center

Widener University-Delaware Campus

Our goal is to assist students attain bigger knowingness and accepting, improve relationships with family & friends, peers, and vital others, and to attain self-determination and self-confidence. The purpose of the counseling center is to produce Widener University students’ contact to counseling, psychotherapy, learning, evaluation, and medical specialty services. We tend to support the standard of campus life via teamwork and consultation with tutorial, residential, and repair programs of the university.

301 East 19th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Counseling Center for Wellness

Neumann University

Counseling Center for Wellness is dedicated to help students accomplish academic and personal success. Counseling process helps students learn to better understand themselves, their behaviors, feelings, and personal relationships. Counseling helps students to recognize themselves and take control of their lives.

603B Convent Road
Aston, PA 19014

Center for Counseling & Student Development (CCSD)

University of Delaware

Students with individual, vocation, substance use/abuse, or educational concerns might be qualified to get individual, gathering, as well as psychiatric services.

DE 19716

Widener University Counseling Center

Widener University-Main Campus

The students of Widener University can take advantage of the services offered at the counseling center. This includes services like psychotherapy, counseling, education psychiatric services, education and assessment. Our staff helps support to maintain good quality of life while on campus, besides which also has several academic programs for support.

1 University Pl
Chester, PA 19013

Penn State Brandywine Counseling Services

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Brandywine

Counseling Services include multi-theoretical, individual, short-term, couples, family, health and wellness outreach and prevention programming and group counseling, , consultation to the campus community, and referral resources for longer-term support services. These new challenges are sometimes associated by some difficult feelings, including sadness, anxiety, stress, irritability, dissatisfaction or depression. When these feelings continue they become overwhelmingand then counseling may be a good option.

25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, PA 19063

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

There is low maintenance Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor on campus in the Counseling Center. Students who are persuaded to diminish their liquor or drug utilization are permitted one-on-one sessions with this counselor. Similarly as with all counseling services, intrigued Students should go to the Counseling Center amid one of the posted triage times for a short appraisal.

700 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Worth Health Center

Swarthmore College

The Student Health and Wellness Service (SHWS) offer finely tuned and persistent medical care services. Precautionary health services are also offered with a given attention to issues that impact college students. Companies are around for examination, diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations as needed.

500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Immaculata's counseling services

Immaculata University

The purpose of counseling is to help students identify their personal strengths, succeed academically and develop ways to achieve their full potential. In an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and trust counseling is a helping process that takes place. Counseling Services offers mental health support to all students, primarily via short-term, solution-focused counseling. Counseling is a helping process that takes place in an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and trust. Students seek counselling for a variety of reasons including typical issues. In a safe and confidential environment to help them understand themselves, their behaviors, feelings, and relationships, Counselors work with students.

1145 King Road
Immaculata, PA. 19345

Counseling Services

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

The counselling center provides counselling for anxiety, stress, depression, self esteem, relationship concerns, sexual assault, grief and loss, family stress, lesbian, gay, bisexual issues, college-related transition and other developmental issues. Assessment and referrals are provided for Substance Abuse Consultation and Counseling. Students can access drug and alcohol treatment at Counseling Services in partners with local outpatient drug and alcohol agency.

1570 Baltimore Pike
Lincoln University, PA 19352

Morris Health Services

Haverford College

Health Services offers the following health care services:
Allergy injections , Liquor and medication utilize data and directing, Unknown HIV testing, Contraception and sexual counseling, Symptomatic tests (accessible in-house or at a neighborhood lab), Assessment and treatment of ailment and damage, Vaccinations, Prescriptions and pharmaceutical refills requested by Health Services, Sustenance and dietary problem data, Physicals (driver, games, and concentrate abroad), Pregnancy testing, Referrals to specialists as needed by the College’s health care provider, Resting area, Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, X- rays (performed at neighborhood offices)

370 Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA 19041

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

University of the Sciences

While promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices, Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) provide access to high-quality physical and mental health care in a safe, respectful and confidential environment. Our goal is to improve the academic, personal, and professional experiences of students through the provision of individual services, consultation, referral, education, and outreach. We work collaboratively with the University community toward this goal.

600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

Holloway University Counseling Center

Villanova University

The University Counseling Center gives services that support students work ideally as to passionate, academic, social and mental issues.

800 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

The Rowan University Wellness Center

Rowan University

The students of Rowan University have well trusted and skilled people of the Wellness Center to take of them in case any issue arise. The Wellness Center comprises of the Student Health Services (SHS), Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), Alcohol and Other Drugs Services, (AOD) and Emergency Medical (EMS).

201 Mullica Hill Rd.
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Counseling Services

Bryn Mawr College

The mission of the workplace is to give enthusiastic help, confer fundamental abilities, and support self-reflection, all with the motivation behind enabling students to explore their way toward more noteworthy independence and viability. We give individual, gathering, and general support services.

101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010

Counseling Center

Valley Forge Military College

The Counseling Center provides opportunities for cadets to explore these and alternative problems in a very confidential setting. It is accessible to every cadet, in both the academy and also the college faculty. Counselors will assist cadets in enhancing their social relationships skills. Counselors at the Cadet Counseling Center are knowledgeable within the areas of juvenile depression, nervousness, enthusiasm, concentration issue and eating disorder, management with respect to (time, stress & anger), and alternative relevant problems.

1001 Eagle Rd
Wayne, PA 19087

The Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support (CCAS)

Eastern University

Eastern University students who require academic or psychological support are provided with counselling by Counseling and Academic Support (CCAS). The Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support (CCAS) is committed to realize their potential during their college experience

1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087-3696

Safety and Security Services

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary-Overbrook

To help provide a safe and secure environment through preventive patrol, emergency response, problem solving, and safety related activities is the primary objective of the members of the Safety Department. The office of the Safety Department is located in the Center of the House of the College Division and coordinates security for the Seminary community.

100 Wynnewood Rd
Wynnewood, PA 19096

Counseling Center

Rosemont College

The Counseling Center promotes personal growth and development of students to help them achieve their goal in life. The Center offers a secured and safe atmosphere for students to discuss any personal issues or difficulties. All services are confidential and voluntary that are offered free of cost to all students.

1400 Montgomery Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Counseling and Psychological Services

Cabrini College

The counseling employees coordinate a huge vary of education schemes subject matter to drug and alcohol use, as well as habit-forming behavior, alcoholism, drinking and driving, co-dependency, addiction and also the family, and accountable party hosting. The counseling center provides direct service to students and acts as a liaison with county, state, and federal resource agencies. Diagnostic assessments, community education, and consultations are out there. Cabrini workers showing signs of alcohol or substance abuse on campus is also terminated from employment if found to be in possession of or victimization misappropriated substances on campus.

610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087, United States

Counseling and Psychological Services

University of Pennsylvania

In addition to utilizing to faculty, staff and companion informal organizations, numerous students find that advising is a viable approach to assist ease concerns and figure out how to oversee personal difficulties, mental issues, and situational crises. CAPS offers a few counseling choices.

3624 Market Street
First Floor, West Philadelphia, PA 19104-2615

Counseling and Psychological Services

Saint Joseph's University

Counseling and Psychological Services, situated in Merion Gardens, advances the psychological prosperity of Saint Joseph’s University students through the arrangement of an assortment of remedial mediations and effort programs. The conveyance of these administrations is confined by “transformative learning goals” and happens inside a campus atmosphere that backings the entire individual; academically, socially, physically and profoundly.

5600 City Ave. Philadelphia
PA 19131

Office of Counselling & Health Services

Drexel University

Most traditional college students are transitioning into adulthood which is the most exciting times of your life! Being in college is not only learning about engineering, business, or graphic design but also learning a great deal about you. This is the time when students make difficult choices about drinking alcohol and using drugs.

3210 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia PA 19104

UArts Counseling Center

The University of the Arts

The Counseling center at UArts works closely with the highly talented students and provides them support on an individual level as well as part of a group. Besdies which they also have a prevention program and outreach program. They offer training and consultation to the faculty and staff.

Room 307
401 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Counseling Services

Moore College of Art and Design


20th Street and The Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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