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Millions of Chicago area residents suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the majority do not get the treatment they need. Luckily, help is out there.

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Addiction in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, the Windy City, has been battling its opioid problem for years. Open air drug markets, children born in withdrawal, and the presence of Mexican Drug Cartels hold the city down. What will it take to get Chicago out of the grips of addiction?

Chicago’s Opioids Out in the Open

Chicago has had a long history of opioid abuse, before the nationwide crisis we’ve found ourselves in. The city’s open-air markets have been popping up since the 1980s. When the police or community are able to close one down, another pops up. This has kept the community susceptible to the influence of drugs and the cartels that control them.

Deaths by opioids have grown exponentially each year.  In 2014, 212 people in Cook County, where Chicago is located, died from opioids. 129 of them were in the city itself. Two years later, deaths in Chicago alone had exploded to 764, a 260% increase over the total county deaths in 2014. Separate from the number of deaths, the number of ER visits from opioid overdoses jumped 66% across the state of Illinois.

Fentanyl in Chicago

Fentanyl, an opioid analogue 100 times more potent than morphine, was responsible for 20 of the opioid-related deaths in 2014. The synthetic opioid is extremely potent and is usually undetectable when mixed with other drugs, making it very easy to overdose. Dealers have started using fentanyl in other drugs without telling their sellers, to cut costs and increase potency. In 2016, the number of opioid deaths that involved fentanyl grew to 400.



ER visits from opioid-related overdose climbed 66% in 2017.



Opioids caused 764 deaths in 2016. A new peak for the Windy City.



Across Illinois, 391 infants were born with NAS in 2016.

The Children of Chicago: Born into Addiction

If the overwhelming presence of illicit drugs wasn’t enough, more children every year are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). These are children born with symptoms of withdrawal, particularly opioid withdrawal, from their mother’s using drugs while they were pregnant. In 2016, three in every 1,000 infants were born with NAS. That is three in every 1,000 infants who will spend an extra 10 days in the hospital and cost nearly $30,000 more than a child born without NAS.

Children born with NAS in Illinois cost $24 million in 2016.

Despite the hard work put in by the hospital staff working to fight this epidemic of NAS across the country, rates have grown five fold over 10 years, and a child born with NAS often isn’t cured. Rather, they are frequently left with long-term disabilities, cognitive issues, and problems with comprehension.

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The Presence of Mexican Cartels in Chicago

Chicago is one of America’s most violent cities. This is, in part, due to the presence of Mexican drug cartels. When multiple cartels get their grips into a city, it is nearly impossible to get them to let go. Chicago has become a major hub for dealing and distribution throughout the Midwest, and the open-air markets create a powerful position for the cartels and can’t be shut down.

Perhaps the greatest danger to come out of this is the power vacuums that come out of shifts in territory. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, was capture and extradited. The battle between other drug-trafficking organizations, (DTOs), led the homicide rate in Chicago to peak in 2016 at 764 deaths.

Finding Help in Chicago

Recovering from addiction is a strenuous process. If someone recovering also lives in a destructive environment, like many parts of Chicago, it can make their process even more difficult. No doubt, finding a clinic that can help them detox, recover, and stay sober is invaluable. If you or someone you know are battling addiction, consider seeking help. Combating addiction on your own makes relapse more likely. If you don’t know where to look for help, try reaching out to a dedicated treatment provider. They are here to help you in your time of need.

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Government Programs

Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

Chicago Area Service Assembly (CASA)180 N Wabash Ave.
Suite 305, Chicago, IL 60601

College Programs

University Counseling Services (UCS)

DePaul University

Alcohol has become a number one drug that college students try experimenting with. To educate students about its consequences that often come with this kind of experimentation DePaul University provides counselling and educate students about moderation and its harm reduction.

25 E. Jackson
Lewis 1400, Chicago, IL 60604

Student Services

American Academy of Art

The American Academy of Art is committed to providing the support and resources beginning with orientation through career services and beyond for student success. The Academy support students in meeting their academic, personal and professional goals by providing a range of student services which includes student advising, career services, co-curricular activities, housing and the library learning resource center. The Academy’s student services are coordinated by the Dean’s office in conjunction with the Registrar’s office.

332 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60604

Mental Health & Counseling

National Louis University

Skylight Counseling Center are the partners of NLU which offers a variety of counseling resources. The students of NLU will be provided six sessions at free of charge. But when additional counseling referring for licensed mental health professionals is needed by any student then they should contact the Office of Student Experience and the charges is incurred by the student for additional counseling and not from NLU.

122 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603

Wellness Programs

Roosevelt University

To raise mental health awareness through presentations, brochures and programs throughout the school year, the counseling center offers a variety of services. These services are known as Wellness Programs. The counseling center is here to help students manage their emotional wellbeing when the stress and demands of life and school impact their path towards success. Seeking a college degree is a very exciting time full of opportunities and challenges. To help students understand their problems and themselves, achieve satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make effective career and life choices is provided by counseling center staff.

430 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

ATS Student Support Services

ATS Institute of Technology

Student Support Services will approach students who have midterm referrals and are competing academically. They will help develop an academic plan that will help each student improvize academically. Student Support Services will promote the student set up academic tutoring that will help them reach their academic success.

25 East Washington St
Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60602

Counseling Services

Moody Bible Institute

We believe that the college years are filled with challenges, opportunities, and hope about the future. But it is not unusual for students to encounter setbacks while embarking on the rewarding journey of the college years.

820 N. LaSalle Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60610

UIC Counseling Center

University of Illinois at Chicago

The university offers all enrolled students for Counseling Center and mental health services without additional cost. The students are eligible for services as it is supported by the Health Service Fee as assessed to all. The services provided by the center varies from handling stress, crisis or trauma to cope with the transition to college, gain strength from gender and cultural identity, or manage serious mental illness and many other issues. Our counsellors help students by developing an effective coping and problem-solving skills in them so that resilience and positive well-being is increased in them.

1200 West Harrison
Chicago, IL 60607

Drug-free awareness program

VanderCook College of Music

The IIT Counseling Center is open to all VanderCook college students for counseling and/or referral for treatment. VanderCook has a wide-ranging drug-free attentiveness program to notify college students about the risk of drug and alcohol use, and to help them in obtaining counseling and remedy. The center presents instructional programs for college students (such as forums, broadcasting of instructional substances, and attention intervals (e.g., Alcohol Awareness Week)), and different programs and guides as needed. If you think a fellow student is drawn in unlawful drug or alcohol use, inspire him or her for seeking help from the suitable workplace. College students are endorsed to contact their academic dean or the IIT Counseling Center for records or help.

3140 S Federal St
Chicago, IL 60616

Counseling Services

Shimer College

Student Health and Wellness Center has a division of Counseling Services which offers services to college students presently enrolled at IIT such as referral services, individual and group psychotherapy, intake assessments and psychiatry. The senior personnel of SHWC consist of 3 full-time, certified medical psychologists and one part-time psychiatrist who practice on Mies Campus. Along with this we provide counseling services on the Downtown Campus. Because SHWC is a training facility, some of our therapists are psychology trainees, such as one post -doctoral fellow and four to six seminar externs who’re college graduate students enrolled in doctoral psychology programs. Senior workforce members administer all psychology trainees.

10 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Student Health and Wellness Center

Illinois Institute of Technology

The SHWC provides health, advocacy, wellness, and data to the scholars and community of IL Tech so as to market holistic, womb-to-tomb success. We tend to hope you may pay it slow exploring the kinds of services we provide the IL Tech community and numerous ways in which we tend to promote overall well-being. If you have got any queries or would love to talk to a SHWC staffer, please call us at 312.567.7550 or email us at [email protected]

IIT Tower
10 West 35th Street, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60616

Health Promotion and Wellness

University of Chicago

Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) is committed to upgrade the environment and community at the University of Chicago to elevate long lasting practices and to engage singular students to enhance their personal satisfaction and achieve their most astounding potential. HPW concentrates on seven key aspects of health to create inventive activities that address the requirements of Chicago students.

950 E. 61st Street
3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60637

Counseling Services

North Park University

Services such as Psychological wellbeing consultations, personal counseling, cluster counseling, and recommendation are offered by North Park’s Counseling Support Services. Along with this, there are many alternative support services offered to the campus community.

3225 West Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-4895

Counseling Services

Northeastern Illinois University

Emotional distress, relationship difficulties, and personal concerns are some of the issues which can make student difficult to perform well and achieve academic goals. To help you understand and deal with those issues, which can free you to make clearer and healthier decisions, we provide you with services for all currently registered Northeastern students. In collaboration with your therapist, we provide short-term treatment and the number of individual or couples therapy sessions. Discuss details of this policy with your counselor. Northeastern students are also offered with Group counseling services without any limits of session.

5500 North St. Louis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625-4699

Concordia University Chicago's Counseling Center

Concordia University-Chicago

The students have several concerns during their college life. Some of the common issues include identity issues, relationships issues, family issues, anxiety issues, academic issues, being victimized, socialization issues, and even issues with chemical or drug abuse.

7400 Augusta Street
River Forest, IL 60305

Counseling Services

Dominican University

The Wellness Center gives personal counseling services to assist college students reach and revel in their Dominican University experience! Therefore counseling services are a critical aspect of making a healthful, sound campus for students. The counseling personnel is a part of an interdisciplinary team of certified health specialists and graduate interns who team up together to assist finest wellbeing and wellness.

7900 West Division St.
River Forest, IL 60305

Counseling Center

Chicago State University

Within the Division of Student Affairs, the Counseling Department (also known as the Counseling Center) is a service department at Chicago State University (CSU). To be a successful member of the CSU community both within and outside of the classroom is the main goal for which we are here to help you. We strive to help you grow and develop the skills that will help foster your academic and psychosocial success through our services at CSU and beyond. The Counseling Department offers individual counseling, crisis counseling, group counseling, couples counseling, academic counseling and career counseling services as well as workshops and consultation by its tenured staff and tenure track, licensed and supervised certified mental health professionals as well as master’s level interns. To identify steps that you can take to address any personal, interpersonal, career, and academic concerns you may have, our staff works with you in collaboration. Our staff works with you to assess what is most suitable for you where there may be other more appropriate resources either on CSU’s campus or in the larger community or the help available to you through the Counseling Department is a good fit for you.

9501 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60628

Counseling and Psychological Services

Northwestern University

Wellbeing Promotion and Wellness is Northwestern’s essential supplier of student wellbeing advancement services. The wellbeing conduct zones underscored are liquor, drugs, sexual wellbeing, and sexual savagery avoidance.

633 Emerson Street
Evanston, IL 60208

Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources Program

Northwestern College

The counselling center share the goal of supporting students in making responsible decisions about alcohol and other drugs. To keep the Northwestern community safer and healthier, counsellors provide counselling for low risk use and non-use of alcohol and other drugs. The counselling center with the help of numerous campus partners provides Northwestern students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors with a centralized ‘hub’ for information, policies, programs, and services on alcohol and other drugs.

633 Emerson St.
Evanston, IL 60208

Counseling Center

Saint Xavier University

Our Licensed counselors at the counseling center offer guidance to the students and help them with the balance and growth and even personal wellness.

3700 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655

Counseling Services

Elmhurst College

In their academic and personal lives students sometimes experience difficulties that undermine success. To help students achieve more satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make more effective career and life choices, counseling services provides a variety of free services.

190 Prospect Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126-3296

Counseling Psychology

Trinity Christian College

Counseling Psychology program is taught from a Christian perspective. Counseling Psychology program offers rigorous professional training in counseling, combining theory, empirical research, and practical experience as students are prepared to become Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs). The program emphasizes the formation of the whole person in the training of each student answering God’s call to bring healing and restoration, taught from a Christian perspective.

6601 W. College Drive
Palos Heights, IL 60463


Chamberlain College of Nursing-Georgia

ASPIRE service is available 24*7, to assist concentrate on problems which will have an effect on your ability to achieve success at school. ASPIRE is a support program that offers students direct contact to counsel professionals who will assist you keep centered on your ambitions. You’ll be able to speak with counselors about: emotional support, school/Life balance, family responsibilities, money or legal troubles, Housing issues.

3005 Highland Parkway Downers Grove
IL 60515

Health Services

Calumet College of Saint Joseph

Students who are experience sicknesses ought to obtain the recommendation of their family doctor. Many community agencies are accessible to help students seeking counseling or treatment. If a student has an accident on the College’s property, they must report the accident to campus security or the office of Student Life directly. If a student suffers an accident or ill health whereas attending categories, the student ought to apprise the teacher. If paraprofessional services or hospitalization is needed, the student is financially accountable.

1100 West 6th Avenue
Gary, Indiana

Wheaton College Counseling Center (WCCC)

Wheaton College

The Counseling Center at Wheaton College works inside a brief-therapy treatment model that incorporates preventive, formative and strong mediations.

800 N. Centennial Drive
Suite 170, Wheaton, Illinois 60187

Wheaton College Counseling Center (WCCC)

Wheaton College

Wheaton College Counseling Center (WCCC) believes that counseling is an activity endorsed by God to help people who are distressed, uncertain and hurting. The staff members are Christians who see their work as foundationally Christ-centered hence the aim is at obeying the Scriptural mandate to “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). It is a global practice required of the church at large.

800 N. Centennial Drive
Suite 170, Wheaton, Illinois 60187

The Counseling Center

Benedictine University


5700 College Rd
Lisle, IL 60532

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