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Thousands of Boston residents are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Unfortunately, the majority will not seek out treatment.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Boston, Massachusetts

Long one of America’s most important ports, Boston, Massachusetts is a leading point of entry for a number of legal and illegal drugs to enter the United States.

In particular, Boston experiences the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic that is currently plaguing over 2 million Americans, though the city also see high rates cocaine use and alcoholism. In Boston, addiction does not just plague one group, but all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and other sub-groups.

Teenage Substance Abuse in Boston

The number of high school students using drugs in Boston has increased in recent years. According to Boston Public Health Commission’s data, 42% of high school students have reported using marijuana in their lifetime. High school students also reported using cocaine (3.5%), ecstasy (4.6%) and heroin (2.8%) at lower rates.

Alcohol Abuse in Boston

Rates of alcohol abuse are increasing every year in Boston. Although Boston residents of all ages abuse alcohol, college students are often more susceptible to alcohol abuse as they are exposed to drinking culture on campus. This is a major problem in Boston, which is home to 152,000 college students studying at the 35 colleges, universities, and community colleges in the city. Hazing Prevention notes the effects of alcohol on college students, noting 25% of college students admitted to poor academic performance due to alcohol consumption. Students in fraternities or sororities have a doubled percentage of risk, and hazing activities increase their vulnerability.

Boston’s Opioid Crisis: “Methadone Mile”

Boston’s struggle with opioid abuse has increased in recent years. Between 2011 and 2015, opioid abuse increased 130%, much of this involving heroin and fentanyl. Boston’s notorious “Methadone Mile” (off Massachusetts Avenue) is a one-mile strip where many individuals abuse prescription and illicit opioids. Methadone Mile is punctuated with homeless individuals struggling with substance abuse who panhandle to fuel their substance abuse disorders. Some speculate the methadone clinic and homeless shelters contribute to the high abuse of opioids in the area.

Individuals who turn to heroin are usually transitioning from prescription drugs, which are often more expensive and harder to find. Often times, individuals who were in the hospital for serious injury and were prescribed drugs like Morphine, Oxycodone, and Methadone often abuse heroin as it has similar effects. Heroin is as cheap as $10 a bag, widely available in Boston.

Sadly, individuals using substances like heroin are unknowingly exposed to fentanyl and carfentanil. Drug dealers mix fentanyl with heroin to create a better high for customers. The end result are individuals who unknowingly take heroin with fentanyl and become more dependent on the substance. Fentanyl is a highly addictive substance that has 100 times more potency of morphine. Carfentanil is even more deadly and addictive than fentanyl and has been confiscated in batches of heroin by local law enforcement.

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Sex Trafficking and Drug Addiction in Boston

Connections between drug abuse and prostitution are common in Boston, with many prostitutes feeding their substance abuse disorder with their work. Victims of sex trafficking often turn to drugs like cocaine and heroin to cope with the grim realities of forced prostitution. News stories relay content on shocking methods to impart women into a life of prostitution; some even include luring them from methadone clinics and later forcing them to engage in sexual acts. The supply of drugs the women, and sometimes children, get from pimps to cope with forced prostitution is enough to keep them trapped, creating a vicious cycle of exploitation.

Ready to Get Help?

Battling substance abuse is difficult for many to bear. There are many factors contributing to drug and alcohol abuse disorders, which often need medical assistance. Co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety can create distress and cause people to self-medicate in unhealthy ways. Individuals with co-occurring disorders often need medication to get them into a place of wellbeing.

Individuals who have lived many years abusing substances or individuals who have a deep dependency on a substance can benefit from rehabilitation. Detox with a compassionate medical provider helps reduce extremely painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms with supervision. Living a future of hope, safety and change is the best decision you’ll ever make. Contact a provider today.

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Government Programs

Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

Name Location Phone
OK Regional Service Office Inc PO 1653
Norman, OK 73071
918- 747-0017
A.A. General Service Committee of Eastern Massachusetts P.O. Box 51411 Boston
MA 02205-1411
North East Massachusetts PO Box 98
Swampscott, MA 01907-0098

College Programs

Counseling, Health, & Wellness

Suffolk University

Students often face many problems during their college life. This may be alcohol abuse, drug abuse and other issues that affect their mental and physical health. The counselor helps the students with great many issues like consultation, education issues, mind-body, medical services, mind and body practices, general referral and also promote good decision making.

73 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108

Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services (ECAPS)

Emerson College

Most students, at some time, encounter different individual, enthusiastic, and additionally relational concerns. Amid these circumstances, it can connect with help from companions, family, scholarly consultants, profound backings, and expert guiding. At ECAPS, we endeavor to enable students to expand on qualities and address these worries in routes in which enable them to influence the best of their college to involvement. We offer free and classified counseling to individual, couples, and gathering advising, and additionally interview and workshops.

120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-4624

Counseling Services

Urban College of Boston

Student Services encourages students utilize the professional, personal and academic counseling resources. Counseling relationships are strict and confidential. The Office of Student Services sponsors student specific workshops and career and professional guidance in addition to counseling outreach. Development and career planning is a continuous process that includes professional and academic assessment at entry to UCB. Student services also offers career and professional guidance to the students.

178 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111

Counseling Services

Fisher College

The Center offers individual counseling, brief therapy, on-going treatment, crisis counseling, support groups, and referrals to off-campus therapists. Free and confidential counselling is provided at the Counseling Center.

118 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116

MIT- Division Of Student Life

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) is committed to promoting safe environments and healthy communities by preventing high-risk behaviours. Physical and relational aggression, alcohol and other drug use, hazing, social support, sexual and dating violence and stress are issues addressed by our office.

77 Massachusetts Avenue
W20-507, Cambridge, MA 02139

Counseling Services

Berklee College of Music

Massachusetts law and moral tips for therapists’ need that student visits and all data shared throughout medical aid sessions stay classified. We at the Counseling Center respect confidentiality. We tend to cannot let go info to anyone without a student’s written permission. This includes friends, instructors, and fogeys. Records of medical aid sessions are unbroken in an exceedingly secure electronic case history. Exceptions to confidentiality occur solely beneath special circumstances, corresponding to being associate close danger to self or others. A counselor can review these exceptions thoroughly once you take a prior appointment.

54 Fenway
Boston, MA 02115, United States

Wellness Programs

The New England Conservatory of Music

Our next-door neighbour, YMCA offers a variety of health and wellness benefits.

290 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Counseling Services

The Boston Conservatory

To support students as they define goals, develop strategies for change, realize a greater understanding of self and others, and expand personal potential, the counseling staff at Boston Conservatory and Berklee is here. To help students who may be experiencing specific mental health concerns ranging from depression and anxiety to trauma, sexual assault, substance use concerns, disordered eating, self-injury, suicidal tendencies and psychosis we provide counselling.

8 Fenway
Boston, MA 02215

The University Health and Counseling Services

Northeastern University

Northeastern University cultivates a group that fortifies sound decisions and energizes capable basic leadership with respect to the utilization of liquor and different drugs. Northeastern endeavors to keep up a working, living, and learning environment that is free from the negative impacts that liquor and other drug utilize can make.

360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Wellness and Disability Services

Wentworth Institute of Technology

The students are able to gain awareness and explore their mental health via the services provided by the Counselor in a confidential environment

550 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

MassArt Counseling Services

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

The main aim of the staff at MassArt Counseling Services is to assist the students obtain their maximum potential. They provide support with emotional and academic issues to ensure a smooth experience while at the college.

621 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Counseling Center

Simmons College

The Counseling Center staff is comprised of authorized Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists, and we prepare assistants in social work, counseling, and psychology. We are focused on the enthusiastic, physical and otherworldly advancement of undergraduate and graduate students. All staff and assistants have been prepared to address an extensive variety of exhibiting concerns, however we each have remarkable clinical interests and claims to fame.

300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02215

Counseling Center

Emmanuel College

The Counseling Center is staffed by way of certified clinicians and stick to the expert and moral requirements governing psychologists and mental fitness counselors hooked up by means of the American Psychological Association. Our aim of the counseling center is to aid the private, social, and academic improvement of college students and the well-being of the Emmanuel community. Our expert workforce provides strengths-based totally character and group counseling to undergraduates as well as practical hindrance, teaching, and session throughout campus. Our multidisciplinary group welcomes and advocates for college students of all backgrounds and works to create a secure environment which fosters the particular strengths of every personality.

400 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

Counseling Center

Wheelock College

In fostering the mission of Wheelock College students the Counseling Center plays an integral role. The Counseling Center provides students the opportunity for exploration of self, as well as of relationships with others and with the larger world. When such opportunities are provided, in this process, students become better able to realistically identify strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as more effective at dealing with both. A professional must have a strong and healthy sense of self who is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families. Flourishing of personal growth paves the way for professional growth and success.

200 Riverway
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Behavioral Medicine

Boston University

Our Behavioral Medicine staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical nurse experts, certified psychological wellbeing clinicians, and clinical social staff is well versed within the several problems that may present itself over a tutorial career.

881 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Addictions Counselor Education Program (ACEP)

University of Massachusetts-Boston

We provide Addictions Counselor Education Program (ACEP) within the College which is the highest-quality addictions education available to individuals seeking to begin or advance their careers. The program is within the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at University of Massachusetts Boston.

100 William T. Morrissey Blvd. Boston
MA 02125-3393

Harvard Square Clinic

Harvard University

Students get thorough outpatient look after an assortment of concerns, including tension, sadness, push, emergency administration, transitional issues, anguish, and eating, sexual, or relationship concerns. Feeling better does not imply that advising will end unexpectedly. You and your counselor can examine choices for expanding time between sessions, getting ready to end advising, including a gathering or workshop, or discovering elective backings. At last the objective of counseling is to enable you to work better and to see changes that are managed outside the therapy office. Your wellbeing information is private and will only be shared with others if you give permission.

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center 75 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge
MA 02138

Counseling Center

Lesley University

Our Counseling Center gives personal short-term counseling and various services for on- campus undergraduate and graduate students in degree- granting programs. Our counselors are responsive to issues of ethnicity, most profound sense of being, culture, sexual orientation, gender, incapacity, learning contrasts, and self-perception. We offer customary verbal treatment and non-conventional techniques, for example, expressive expressions treatments.

30 Mellen Street
Doble Hall, 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

Spiritual Formation & Counseling Services

Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

The Counselors acts as a facilitator to the clients where the process of counseling involves building confidence, development a relationship and help the client understand the world around him

50 Goddard Avenue
Brookline, MA 02445

The Counseling and Mental Health Service (CMHS)

Tufts University

We are a various group of clinicians profoundly dedicated to college emotional wellness. We offer a variety of free and classified services to all students and to graduate students who have paid the wellbeing fee.

120 Curtis Street
Somerville, MA 02144

Counseling and Health Education Center

Newbury College

At the Counseling and Health Education Center, we trust that individual and profession concerns are a typical piece of every student’s development procedure. The counselor is accessible to enable you to characterize objectives, create methodologies for change, and understand a more prominent comprehension of yourself as well as other people.

129 Fisher Avenue
Brookline, MA 02445-5796

Counseling and Wellness

Pine Manor College

We offer counseling services to students by appointment from Monday to Friday to ensure that there is time set aside to support you. However, you are always welcome to stop by and set that appointment up in person, and as time allows a brief assessment of needs will be completed at that time. Appointments may also be set up through an appointment request form. These forms are located outside of the counseling office, and are also found around campus in the Library and the Learning Resource Center. We are staffed by a Licensed Mental Health Clinician, Kathryn Bruning and her office is located on the 2nd floor of the Annenberg Library. Kathryn received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and advanced graduate study in gender, culture, and political psychology from Northeastern University.

400 Heath St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Early Intervention and Education Program

Boston College

By taking part in one among the Early Intervention and Education Programs, students can increase their information concerning alcohol and/or marijuana. The Early Intervention and Education Program are meant to fulfill the individual desires of scholars referred for alcohol and alternative drug policy violations. Additionally to authorized recommendation, the program offers individual assessment, counseling, and/or treatment recommendation. Students are given the chance to mirror on their current decisions, set goals for the longer term, and study ways for creating lower-risk decisions.

Chestnut Hill
MA 02467

Counseling Services

Eastern Nazarene College

Our Center aims at providing a professional, confidential and safe place to get help and support

23 East Elm Ave.
Quincy, MA 02170

Student Activities

Boston Baptist College

The goal of the college is to provide both academic and social counseling. We establish the social feature through our Student Government Association. The association is responsible for organizing, creating and implementing community service projects. Another critical feature of the student life is the spiritual growth of our students.

950 Metropolitan Ave
Hyde Park, MA 02136

Alcohol and Drugs Education

Bentley University

Most ordinarily though, we have a tendency to meet with students who have an interest in learning additional concerning their use in an exceedingly personal and cozy house. We provide a range of programs as well as on-line education for all incoming students, fun lectures and programs for student clusters, campus wide awareness campaigns and screening days. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a prior appointment.

175 Forest St
Waltham, MA 02452

Counseling Center

Curry College

To support students’ personal growth, development, and academic success the Counseling Center at Curry College is designed. Our services offer students a place to learn about ways to manage stressors that affect them personally, as well as their academic progress and goals. To understand emotional wellness and to develop skills they can utilize to make healthy choices are some of the opportunities provided to students by our center. To promote mental health to the College community we also provide prevention based education.

1016 Brush Hill Road

Counseling Center

Lasell College

As students grow towards greater independence and satisfaction with life to discuss personal concerns, problems, or feelings the counseling center offers a free, confidential place to discuss. We can assist with referrals to services in the local community for those students needing care beyond the scope of our services, for example weekly psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, or specialized substance abuse or intensive mental health treatment.

1844 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton, MA 02466

The Brandeis Counseling Center

Brandeis University

The Brandeis Counseling Center, staffed by psychologists, social workers, supervised doctoral interns and psychiatrist help students in wide range of problems including academic problems, relationship and roommate problems, family problems, substance use/abuse, sexuality, depression, anxiety and psychosis. The Counseling Center provides services throughout the year.

MS 061
415 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453

Colony Care Behavioral Health

Franklin W Olin College of Engineering

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) at Babson College offers a scope of projects and services planned at lessening the negative outcomes related with high-chance drinking and different types of substance abuse through avoidance, instruction, mediation, approach advancement, and coordination with treatment providers.

11 River St.
Wellesley, MA 02481

Wellness Center

Babson College

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) at Babson College offers a variety of projects and services planned at decreasing the negative results related with high-hazard drinking and different types of substance abuse through counteractive action, training, intercession, , policy development, and coordination with treatment providers. AODS teams up with students and staff all through the College to make a far reaching substance abuse counteractive action program established in harm reduction and community public health, and concentrated on advancing wellbeing and security among all Babson students.

231 Forest Street
Babson Park, MA 02457

Regis Community Health Services

Regis College

The students at Regis can take advantage of health and counseling services at their Regis Health Services center where the staff provides timely health care in-confidence. Our goal is to maintain the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of all the students and help them with their education

235 Wellesley Street
Weston MA 02493

Counseling and Health Services

Salem State University

Counseling services offers classified, short-run personal and cluster counseling, crisis intervention/emergency services throughout regular operating hours, workshops on requested matters and consultation and recommendation with area providers whenever necessary. It is organized by nurse practitioners, a part-time doctor, psychologists, certified psychological wellbeing counselors, post-doctoral fellows and advance graduate interns. Health services offer medical aid, consultation on health-related problems, health endorsement programs, and recommendations and association with area providers and chief care physicians

352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

Wellesley College Health Service

Wellesley College

The College urges students to participate in astute basic leadership and capable conduct as for liquor and different drugs. A scope of educational programs and services are accessible to enable students to negotiate choices around alcohol and other drugs.

106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

Counseling Center

Endicott College

All currently enrolled Endicott students are provided confidential counseling at free of cost. Depression, addictions, anxiety/stress, eating disorders, relationship concerns, sexual identity/orientation issues, difficulty with transitions/homesickness, abuse/trauma history, conflict resolution, academic problems, anger management, and grief and loss are some of the common reasons for which Endicott students need counseling. Referrals like area psychologists, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and physicians are provided by us. Also referrals are given as needed to college services such as Academic Resources, Family Mecidine Associates, and student affairs staff and counseling services are provided in an individual and small group setting.

376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Counseling Center

Framingham State University

We are eager to help you develop or maintain life skills that will help you succeed at FSU and beyond, if you are a student. We are happy to offer consultation and action planning for any student you are concerned about for parents and families. We hope that your experience with us will be productive and helpful and we welcome your feedback at any time about how we might improve our services. The FSU Counseling Center staff is happy to serve you and hope that you will see us as a friendly and useful resource. To any matriculated undergraduate or graduate student we offer staff that are a group of highly qualified and dedicated mental health practitioners and support staffs who strive to provide effective and compassionate mental health care.

100 State Street
Framingham, MA 01701

Counseling Center

Gordon College

As general practitioners, each of our counselors has practice and experienced in a couple of therapeutic modalities. At Counseling center we practice few therapy model which are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Insight-Oriented Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). By practicing these therapy models we share psychological tutoring during counseling session so that our college students can learn while self-journeying, restoration and development. We give more important on considering the entire person and first inspire students and importantly to create and preserve wholesome self-care habit with the intention to responsibility of their self wellbeing. It’s far crucial for college students to begin developing healthful exercises and practices in regard to sleep, consuming, exercise, stress discount, time management and self-assertiveness. We approach all of our work with college students thru a developmental perspective. Because college is a time of transition for students as they acclimate to dwelling existence faraway from family and structures they’ve regarded their entire life. Throughout these college years there is an exclusive precise and effective convergence of changes that arise in a college student’s physiological, religious, communal and professional identity. Therapy can be made via this junction in those 4 years of improvement with respect to effective, wealthy and efficient technique.

255 Grapevine Rd
Wenham, MA 01984

Counseling Services

Stonehill College

Counseling Services staff individuals see every student as an interesting individual and enables the student endeavors to accomplish self-comprehension, uprightness, and academic achievement. Our staff individuals work to upgrade the mission of the college by supporting and helping students inside the college community. Our objective is to help students in building up the adapting procedures and support choices important for exploring any difficulties they may look in keeping up prosperity as they advance through their college vocation.

320 Washington Street
Easton, MA, 02357

Hamel Health and Counseling Center

Merrimack College

Anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief and loss, homesickness, identity concerns, sexuality, stress and coping, eating disorders and body image concerns, sexual assault or intimate partner violence, and substance use disorders are some of the issues for which students require counselling.

315 Turnpike Street
North Andover, MA 01845

Counseling Services

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

We focus on supporting our students that creates an atmosphere more cohesive for academic and personal growth. We strongly believe that academic success is often connected to our emotional well-being and self-esteem.

220 Pawtucket St
Lowell, MA 01854

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